PlayStation boosts UK team as PS4 sales soar past 3m

PlayStation 4 has cemented its place as the UK’s most popular games console.

According to UK retailers, quoting GfK Entertainment figures, PS4 passed the 3m sales milestone back in January.

The news comes as the firm fills two key roles at its UK division.

Richard Keen has been promoted to marketing director for UK and Ireland. Keen joined PlayStation UK in 2013 as head of product marketing. He was previously employed as international publishing director at IGN parent Ziff Davis.

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DarkOcelet1376d ago

Great news. Congrats Sony.

DragonDDark1376d ago

Indeed it is.

The Ps4 is shaping up to be this generation's Ps2.

DarkOcelet1376d ago

I think it will surpass the PS2 in the end.

Overload1375d ago

I don't think it's likely to pass the PS2. But they'll make a run at it. If VR takes off though, it could.

born_naughty1375d ago

"I think it will surpass the PS2 in the end."

Extremely un-freaking-likely. But they're on the right track with almost everything.

gamerb61375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

This gens Wii more like. It's sad when all all somebody can brag about is sales. Sales don't interest me as I don't receive any of the profits these companies make.

Games is what interest me as a gamer, and the casual fanbase Sony is catering for just doesn't interest me, easy cinematic type games. I need a challenge, something creative, good gameplay. Sony just hasn't provided any of those things this gen unfortunately.

Popular doesn't = Best
Quality over quantity, Sony has all the quantity but none of the quality

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Letthewookiewin1376d ago

Of course. The PS4 has no competition.

notachance1376d ago

Congrats Sony, keep up the good work. This year should be great especially for people who grew up playing in JRPG golden era like me.

Free_Fro1376d ago

Shout out to consumers showing continuous support

MasterCornholio1375d ago

I'm sure Sony is happy about that.


BadBoyC1376d ago

Damn.. the PS4 is a beast.

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The story is too old to be commented.