The Division Season Pass Promotional Image Surfaces Online

A new promotional image of The Division Season Pass has emerged online

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DarkOcelet1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Thats German language.

First dlc is Underground
Second is Survival
Third is Last Skirmish

The Shotgun is called Cancelling Shotgun, no idea what that means exactly.

The complete set of additional site equipment with : garment- and weapon skins

The Season Pass Begins in March.

keenBlade1372d ago

The Weapon is a sawed-off shotgun.
The Season Pass includes monthly events and exclusive content.

Nothing to be excited about, if you ask me.
We know that the underground dlc adds underground maps, but the other stuff seems to be added game modes or something.

I would it actually rather to include another Part of NY but this seems more like nothing substantial. More like something to pass the time until they add the next part of the City :(

DarkOcelet1372d ago

They might go Destiny Style with the game and giving other parts of NY as 40$ expansions outside of the Season Pass.

whitesoxfalife19761372d ago

@Dark no they are not going that route.

antz11041372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

@Dark idk why you INSIST on continually comparing this game to Destiny. It's not even the same company. It's like saying you won't buy a Chevy because your Toyota broke down all the time.

Ill wait until we know more about the content before I end up getting dlc though. It looks like this game will have enough to keep you busy for a while.

lociefer1372d ago

you forgot the part with monthly exclusive events and contents, which is seriously the only part i'm not digging in this season pass

SolidGear31372d ago

Events should be free for all

Goldby1372d ago

but if the events or drops are litterly like small fire fights or some electronics then its not too bad. if it ends up being high end gear dropping, thats a pay-2-win scene waiting to be called out

gums0071372d ago ShowReplies(1)
gums0071372d ago


You may need a Destiny suppository to relieve yourself from this constant logjam of destiny talk. Destiny has obviously effected you in a extremely harsh psychological way, we all know this. Like gaming PTSD which to me is pretty sad that you can let a thing such as a video game, a source that is purely meant for entertainment, burden you so much. When it's all said and done I truly hope you seek help because it kills me to see you go through this. Good luck and God bless.