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The guys of Gaming Boulevard reviewed the retail version of Life is Strange and concluded:

This adventure game has been a wonderful journey. The story slowly builds up and releases just enough information to answer all of your questions during the game. The key conversations stand out when it comes to the main narration of the story, but be prepared for some dull and standard side talks. The gameplay is fairly easy: running around adventuring, opening closets, making choices and living the character… in other words, it’s an interesting story driven game with a dreamy and bizarre atmosphere. It will definitely appeal to you if you liked games like "Dreamfall". The sound design of this games is perfect and the voice acting performance for most characters are OK. Even the dreamy music choice in this game suits “Life is strange” perfectly, however, the lip-syncing was a big issue for me. The presentation is a big deal in this kind of games and if it’s done wrong, it takes you out of your gaming world easily and it's just too bad that the game suffers from this technical issue. The special graphics are well designed and create a unique vision experience that’s keen on the eye. The game is worth the buy, especially since all episodes are included within the retail version of the game.

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