Nintendo funding Beyond Good and Evil Sequel

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is one of those games that has been rumored to exist for years while still staying weirdly in limbo every time it is discussed. Ubisoft insists the project has not been canned, and brings it up multiple times each year, but nothing concrete seems to surface.

According to a rumor received by Destructoid this week, the game may actually come to fruition in the not-too-distant future. If the information is to be believed, Nintendo has pulled a Bayonetta 2, securing the Beyond Good and Evil sequel as an NX exclusive for 2017.

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DarkOcelet1379d ago

Why the hell would this game need funding? Its not like Ubisoft cant make it.

Utalkin2me1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

This is something Nintendo needs to do for the NX, its a good move IMO. Probably work like Tomb Raider did for Xbox. MS funds it and gets timed exclusive deal. Not that they cant fund it, but Nintendo will take all the liability cause they are funding it.

DarkOcelet1379d ago

Now, that i think about it, it would actually be a smart move from Ninty especially if it is a launch title.

But also at the same time,Ubisoft are more than capable of funding this game. And there has been a demand for this game for a long time.

Lets wait and see what will happen.

wonderfulmonkeyman1379d ago

The article is calling it a "Bayonetta 2 situation", so if that's true, this won't be like Tomb Raider, where it's just timed exclusivity.
It'll be fully Nintendo exclusive, with no chance of appearing elsewhere.

Philface1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Not sure how capable Ubisoft is at the moment to fund that game as they have to prevent that the don't get bought by Vivendi.

fsdgf1379d ago

BGE2 has been around for a lot longer than to have its budget affected by that. Regardless unless Ubisoft are buying up their own shares (which is something that's heavily regulated by law and quite difficult to do on a large scale) that's got more to do with issue of and handling of shares than money itself

JoeDaniel1379d ago

if the game sold well enough to warrant a sequel there probably would have been 3-4 of them by now.. this is one of those Psychonauts type games where everyone who played it loved it but it was a small amount of people... Ubi can make anything but they're not gonna jump all over everything just cause they can lol

Shinuz1379d ago

Well it is indeed a good move for nintendo, this kind of title will feel at home on their console but I feel it will share the same fate as every third party games released on their past console.

Erik73571379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

More profit for Ubisoft to make in other franchises...that is all...its a coporation.

Nintendo is only doing this out of desperation to get ahead...if they where dominating like Sony they would of never done this because Mr.Mario and Zelda make a shit ton more money. Funding a old IP that many newer gamers probably dont even know of is a huge risk compared to a well established Mario game, but hell you need to take risk when your getting your ass kicked.

I hope they hit a home run with this console.

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Geobros1379d ago

This will be a nice start for NX....

deathtok1379d ago

If this is true, these are exactly the types of moves that Nintendo should be making to make the NX appealing.

Shinuz1379d ago

Yeah true but for those not interested in nintendo's console I doubt it will be THAT game that make them buy the NX.

Erik73571379d ago

Well they are doing thinga for hardcore gamers now because they did so badly with Wii-U....kinda glad they did so bad withh Wii-U cause I dont think they would of done this if they did good sales with Wii-U

higgins781379d ago

Sounds great - a match made in heaven. However, those stating BGAE2 releasing on the NX will make it more appealing are not strictly accurate. Like Bayonetta and the like this is a relatively niche game. A Fifa, GTA or generic FPS is far more likely to improve sales...thank God Nintendo continues to avoid this predictable tactic and distance itself from the crowd IMO.

Erik73571379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

When your getting your ass kicked you need to take risk on niche games because for all you and I know it could end up being the next Uncharted or Zelda....

Personally its not a niche game though, it dosent appeal to only a certain group of people, its a legendary platform game that has a cult follwing. Thats different from being a niche game.....a niche game would be something like katmari or Bayonetta...those games only appeal to a certain group of people, but something like BGAE is a platform game and that appeals to a lot of gamers...very mainstream

Just because it wasnt popular or had a cult follwing dosent make it a niche game.sure a lot of niche games have that history to them but the game itself and the type of people that played it makes it a niche game..this game could easily appeal to massive amounts of people like Mario if given another chance.

Wallstreet371379d ago

Yeah right they just regurgitate and instead of investing in brand new ips like (Splatoon) they stay closed minded and just make sequel after sequel lol We all know your the king Nintendo fanboy but i always laugh at your comments. Do you know how many ppl wish GTA5 was on Wiiu lol or many other third party games that are just as good or better than what Nintendo has brought out.

Thank god a company like say Sony can have the better version of established multiplat ips and sequels but also breathe new breathe into gaming with making or acquiring through deals innovative software like Demon sousl, Little Big Planet, journey, Mod Nation Racers, Dreams,Witness, Wild, etc....

Fans like you with your comments is why Nintendo is in their predicament now and sometimes get away with its under powered, gimmicky system, no third party support, and low sales because they arent bringing all the facets of gaming together and instead rely on their traditional ips and sequel after sequel. Acquring a deal for say a Bayonetta and This game is a good start but they have to do wayyyyyy more than that.

BullyMangler1378d ago

Even if ps4 ends up having a bigger accumulation of great games, more than wiiU,

still the kings of gaming still Nintendo. . for their exclusives enhance gaming . .always has . .always will . .

Wallstreet371378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )


I know your name very well, also as a Nintendo fanatic lol i just laugh at your claims. Nintendo hasnt been the kings of gaming since the 90's bro you stuck in the times. Sony exclusives like TLOU, Uncharted (won the most awards in gaming history), Bloodborne, etc... imo are just in another league.

But we can all have opinions. The fact of the matter is that if you want a console with some of the best exclusives, best multiplats, pushing software and hardware innovation, pushing online features, best console hardware etc... Ps4 is the "King" nothing yous say can change that. Next stop pushing real next level hardware innovation in PSVR! Lets do it! If youcan have it all why settle?

And i own a Wiiu lol

BullyMangler1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Bloodborne is ((SLAPCHOP)) . kiddy game, is kiddy . CANT YOU SEE THAT ??? .

. . Bayonetta 2 puts every ps4 exclusive to shame < fact

TLOU is a great game, unfortunately TLOU is not creative son . lacking any sort of creative thoght = anybody could have made a game like that. soo 10/10 ?? LMAO . TLOU OVERRATED . . .

DKTF for wiiU . .made it onto gamespots most challenging game ever created in the history of gaming list . .

K ?

wiiU more challenging, more beautiful, more Createive, more imaginative game enhancing exclusives than ps4, according to reviewers and professionals around the globe . .

wiiU kicking ass when it comes to gaming, not sales, AND wiiU doing all of this with less power < fact . .

truth hurts huh

Wallstreet371378d ago

Bully we been through this before lol

It is why Wiiu is selling like crap! It is the reason the most highly anticipated games generally arent Nintendo ones lol It is the reason Ps4 is dominating and its not even close.

More challenging
More Beautiful
Blahh blah blah you dont even believe that bs yourself lol

Dreams alone will have more innovation and creativity than all the Nintendo ips put together lol Little Big Planet had the creativity on lock last gen. Dont be mad at me son be mad at Nintendo and stop letting them stick you with dated concepts, lowest end hardware and just cute art style to compensate for hardware weakness.

this isnt the 90's bro and the gamers have spoken!!!! Its written on the wall if Nintendo comes again with the bs they did with Wiiu they are done lol Your talking to a grown gamer take that bs frivilous arguemnts and pseudo facts to them lil kids.

BullyMangler1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

lol lol you mad because every ps4 hyped exclusive keeps RAUNCHING ? . or you mad because you just barely noticed the Bloodborne is SLAPCHOP kiddy ?





and the FACT is, that the wiiU has more challenging,

more beautiful,

more imaginative,

more creative GORE

more game enhancing exclusives than ps4 < fact

wiiU kicking ass, while ps4 "awaiting greatness" . .

): .. . happy time for you

Wallstreet371378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

im actually just schooling you on your delusion and making you look like an idiot lol Its a sickness so i understand

Dont blame me blame Nintendo for all those short comings lol Bayonetta lol hahahah im dead lol Oh my your delusion is even greater than what i initially thought.

This conversation is over. I already know your nonsense and sickness.

Hasnt been the 90's for almost three decades lol

BullyMangler1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

thats what i thought, boy

i for one have global reviews to back me up, keeping me up to date on what really is going on in gaming .

as for you . nothing worthy to say or back you up .

. just retreat back to your cave of ignorance . see how good that does you . .


wiiU less poweer, and kicking ass this gen < fact

Wallstreet371378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Global reviews lol hahahah Ps4 not only has games with top global reviews but global sales to back it all up with Bloodborne and Tlou Remaster leading the way with 90's Again you make yourself look like an idiot. Because not only do we have games with high ratings lol but a robust online system, better hardware and much more coming while yo have what?? Starfox federation lol and the only thing to look forward too is Zelda? lol hahahah And NX you better pray doesnt turn out like Wiiu

Just school you take that fanboy bs somewhere else and pay attention because the Ps4 has been out less time than Wiiu and already has more and highly acclaimed games wether 3rd party or first party lol

Fanboys like you that eat all the bs up without pushing back is whats disgusting about the industry now. Sheep and zombies, defending an inanimate object that is lacking in so many places at that lol

Youve been schooled now take that hurting like a man and keep it pushing lol

Wiiu less power, covered up by same old games with cute art style, Wiiu getting phased out early in its life cycle, Wiiu having not too many games in the future to look forward too, Wiiu getting trash Star Fox, Zelda not showing up until god knows when, Wiiu online system with less features, Wiiu weak hardware, Fact fact fact lol all facts

Foh with that bs lol you sound so mad right now i disrespected the object you adore so much. ou are dismissed and that indefinitely will be my last post even recognizing you exist lol type away im done reading your alternate reality views lol

Enjoy your day bullyvicti.... i mean Bully

BullyMangler1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

you just exposed yourself to be a WELFARE gamer . (:

The pros have spoken

wiiU has more game enhancing

more challenging

more gore

more game changing exclusives than ps4

thats all im saying . speaking facts


you dont have to get all mad, and talk about things that dont really matter in gaming . lol sales and quantity of games ? .

Bloodborn is sLapchop, please stop talking about it, making yourself look ignotant

TLOU is overrated . you , me, my cousing could have easily imagined a game like that 10/10 ? . lol

wiiU kicking ass and enhancing gaming . .

ps4 hyped exclusives keep raunching . sLapchop kiddy .

wiiU more hardcore more nextGen than ps4, according to the professionals around the globe
facts of pain, eh

higgins781378d ago

This so-called "predicament" Nintendo are in...

Wii U and New 3DS - two solid pieces of hardware with a library of games between them leaving only the brattiest 'fan boy' wanting more. I actually own both Wii U and New 3DS, yes, actually OWN instead of just trolling from the sidelines, and (trust me), any accusations regarding Nintendo's demise have been GREATLY exaggerated.

I also bought a PS4 at launch and can safely say a good half a dozen third party titles and Bloodbourne - even if its not my bad - does NOT make the king of consoles.

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Skate-AK1379d ago

That would undoubtedly be big for Nintendo. I wonder what is Ubisoft position in it. This isn't like Bayonetta 2 where they are funding an indi dev.

fsdgf1379d ago

Platinum aren't indie, they're a full fledged studio

Kaneki-Ken1379d ago

Indie means Independent Studio so you saying Platinum is not independent studio. Okay, if you say so.

fsdgf1379d ago

Yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying. Being owned by a publisher doesn't mean you're an indie developer.

Indie games are games developed independent of a publisher's financial support. Platinum have never funded a game themselves, their games have mostly been funded by Sega and Nintendo.

Erik73571379d ago


There not indie, they relied of money from nintendo :)

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