YOU can choose new NBA 2k17 celebration and here is HOW

2k Sports have asked the fans to help the developers add new celebrations to their latest basketball video game NBA 2k17.

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StormLegend1372d ago

I waited 2 years to buy 2k16 and I was highly disappointed.
If people buy these games every year, then I feel sorry for anyone who does. Not worth the $60 bucks for an updated roster.
They even made it harder to shoot and pass.

nevin11372d ago

The last owned 2K16 I had was 2K12. I'm enjoying 2K16. Still has a long way to go though.

But [email protected] paying full price for modern games.

Anyway, whats your beef with 2K16?

StormLegend1372d ago

The shooting isn't good like 2k11 and 2K12. They made everything feel too real. I like being able to hit a 3 or a layup easily. The older games felt better IMO

1372d ago
Gambit_the_White1372d ago

Travis, I'm not trying to be rude here, but did I read this right? You're seriously bashing NBA 2K16, a basketball >>simulation<< game, for being too real? That's like... saying beef doesn't taste good because it's not chicken. Just doesn't make any sense.

You can always tweak the sliders and turn it into an arcade experience.

mikeslemonade1371d ago

Yea what Travis said. 2k11 and 2k12 were the best. Every year since then they keep changing it up and making it more geared towards casual players.

This will the first year where I'm not hyped for 2k. I will get it but I won't be like "man 2k is coming in a few weeks".

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