WW2 Shooter Days of War is Kickstarter Déjà vu

Josh Griffiths writes: "Remember that really popular and highly successful World War II multiplayer shooter that’s in its final hours of its Kickstarter? It’s called Battalion 1944, and it will make its way to not only PC, but also the PS4 and Xbox One. It was hyped as bringing back the World War II shooter. Apparently, it was successful, so much so that there's a new one on Kickstarter already.

Days of War looks to play Battlefield to Battalion 1944’s Call of Duty. And look at that, Electronic Arts makes Battlefield and Driven Arts is developing Days of War. Sometimes you can’t make this stuff up."

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garyanderson1378d ago

Ww2 shooters are all so similar, it's tough for them to stand out from one another.