Details about the Sony Playstation VR

Sony is in the best place when it comes to pricing the Playstation VR headset but only time could tell if they could keep a good thing going. Their strategy is the same, wait to see what all the competitors do.

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ArchangelMike1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Don't forget that with PSVR you can have one person using the headset in VR, while upto 4 players use the screen with the DS4. So with PSVR there will be asymetric co-op games possible.

The lack of couch VR Co-op is not an issue that is unique to PSVR, but to VR in general. Do Occulus or HTV have co-op VR through the same PC? I highly doubt it! At least PSVR offer assymetric co-op, which is a feature that I don't see with the other VR headsets.

In any case PSVR supports online multiplayer games, and I don't really see a problem there either.

darthv721380d ago

Why would you want more visually impaired people in the same room with you? Talk about fumbling about all over themselves. It will be just like that frozen food commercial where the guys are all wearing VR gear and fall about the place.

Immorals1380d ago

3v1 games would be great. No screen watching!

KwietStorm1380d ago

Think more creatively. If they're basically in control of your world or what's happening in your world, a lot of variables all of a sudden become present.

DivineAssault 1380d ago

Cant wait for E3 so i can see new features/games this has to offer

DarkSnow1380d ago

Hopefully you dont have to wait for E3. Sony is holding a PSVR-focused event on March 15th at the Game Developers Conference, by then you will see details, price and release date. 11 days left.

DivineAssault 1379d ago

You think they'll lay their whole hand out there or have some surprises at E3 too?

DarkSnow1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

I know what you mean, but both HTC and Oculus already revealed their specs, prices and release dates so Sony has no excuse to delay the PSVR specs, price and release date, no more.

Sure at E3 Sony may reveal some VR suprises as well, for example the new power gloves for PSVR could only be shown/announced at E3.

ibrake4naps1380d ago

who the heck thought the ps4 could handle multiple vr headsets?!