Will Consoles Adopt Smartphone-Like Hardware Generations?

Non-Fiction Gaming's Daniel explores the possibility of upgrading your console every two years with incremental hardware changes instead of new console generations.

"How much of a leap would it be to offer a tier that includes a hardware upgrade every two years such as a mobile phone plan?"

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darthv721381d ago

it seems very likely. If you think about it... there are several factors that point this direction. The digital age is growing to replace physical media. some say its a long way off but with the number of individuals that proclaim they are getting more digital releases than physical only proves that the convenience is there and is gaining momentum.

components are getting a quicker turnaround in cost reduction and development of newer and improved designs. by the time the new model is out the companies are already working on the followup. Traditional hardware cycles for consoles is roughly 5 years and that is only going to get shorter as consumer interest for newer better specs is on the rise.

The main thing to keep in mind is that with a unified software ecosystem... the software you buy now for the PS4 / XB1 will be forward compatible with the PS6 and XB3. In theory, the software you buy now will be tied to your profile as opposed to the platform. so like anyone who buys a smartphone, they can go into their profile and see the list of apps they previously used and they would be compatible with their newest phone.

It's only logical that gaming is going that same direction. We are seeing games themselves becoming more episodic. Meaning a game can get an initial release and then months later be presented with new content that continues the story. That approach would keep development time short and costs down to make it something that would be attainable over a period of time. It would also just add to the trend of incomplete games that are plaguing the industry.

Damn if you do damned if you dont

jobboy1381d ago

every 1-2 years no...but every 3-4years yes!

BadBoyC1381d ago

Soon consoles won't even be consoles anymore. They will just be mini PC's.. If Sony's consoles became upgradable and all their first party games went to PC then I might as well call my brother up and just get a gaming rig at that point. I'll get to play PS/XBOX exclusives, free online, more freedom overall, etc. Consoles will become irrelevant to me at that point and I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way so I'm really not liking the direction console gaming is going with all this PC integration.. I feel like consoles are starting to become TOO much like PC's and are losing their identities. I feel like this whole PC integration is being forced on us and shoved down our damn throats. I really hope Sony doesn't follow Microsoft's direction with this whole PC integration. Stop trying to turn my console into a PC.

Free_Fro1381d ago

It's all about perspective. If that's the way you see it then that's fine. You have the option to stick with Sony's traditional method of doing things.

Others like MS are going a different direction. This is what I like about having all three of the companies on board. They should all be doing their own thing.

You decide where you want to play based on what suits you.


green1381d ago

Having a modular console and upgrading your PC are two completely different experiences.

Upgrading your PC requires screwdrivers, opening up your PC case and swapping out stuff for another. You just can't do it unless you know exactly what you are doing.

But if a modular console is built the way the new LG G5 is, were you simply just easily pull an area and add a new one without opening anything, then you still preserve the plug and play and easy nature that console gamer is used to.

Take a look at the LG G5 and this phone generated a lot of buzz

Hitoemi1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

No you segment the market further than it is and create the same problems PC has. Pc owner A has a top of the line graphics card and CPU but maybe 10% of games a year require that. Most PC games are built to minimums because that hits the biggest part of the market. The strength of console isnt its consumer friendly plug and play (not to mention its not rocket science to swap pc parts man) its that Devs can program to one set up and get the most out of it and know it will just work.

A dev programs for Ps4 he knows it works for 40 million people, he programs for a pc his version may work for most but there will be a big number it wont work for thats the problem with PC too much variation.

BadBoyC1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )


I'm not sure why I got so many disagrees.. but this is precisely one of the reasons why I posted what I posted and said what I said. I game on consoles for a reason and I don't want consoles becoming so much like PC's to the point that they lose what makes them special and lose what makes them well.. consoles but I guess people feel differently hence the disagrees or maybe I didn't go into detail and explain why I felt the way I felt in my post my post so it went over a lot of peoples heads. Idk but whatever.

green1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

In my opinion, the PS4 and Xbox One were not powerful enough at launch. I just don't see how they can be relevant for another four years before we see a new generation.

I honestly do not see anything wrong with a modular console or the introduction of a more powerful version. For example, if Sony released a PS4+ that had 16gig ram and a more powerful CPU and GPU fall this year (3 years after introducing the PS4)that can make every single game currently on it play at 1080p 60fps, then developers can take advantage of the increased performance for future games but won't impact on owners of the normal PS4 because games would be built for them as the lowest common denominator. I think it would be great.

You are not forced to upgrade your system at all and won't need to until the PS5 is launched that would have games that just can't run on the PS4.

What i will not like is if this upgrade is done on a yearly bases. That in my opinion would be a bad idea but spacing it out to 2-3 years and just two upgrades a generation would be ideal in my book.

Hitoemi1381d ago

It wont be four year, this gen will not be like last gen, both console have maybe 2 years left. Pervious console gens were 5-6 years last gen was unusally long because of the world recession and the hardware was pretty high tech for the time.

Nintendo is starting Next gen with the NX Sony and Xbox have already confirmed work has begun on gen 10 systems so 2018-2019 at thw lastest. I confident in saying Ps5 will be annouced spring 2018 and launch fall 2018.

fanboysmackdown1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

You're right, both systems are way too underpowered to last another four years. Upgrade and innovate, I like that both companies are trying to come up with something to keep our consoles moving forward.

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