[VC] Broforce - Inject some testosterone into your gaming diet

Whenever the devil threatens all of existence, you can count on bros to save the day. This 2D action thrill-ride may be over the top but does it offer enough man candy to satisfy gamers' hungry appetites?

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JobForARockStar1381d ago

Bro, I am loving BroForce so far. I haven't gotten that far yet but my girlfriend and I are having a total bromance playing though this. All the character's are awesome. I love every one of them. BROMANDO anyone? Definitely a cool game but not a great one. Being able to play couch co-op makes it so much better. Any game that my girl will sit and play through with me makes it so much better. So let's merc some mooks bro!!!! Definitely worth playing if you're into couch co-op or atleast try it if you happen to have gotten it free from PS PLUS.

Krimmson1380d ago

I love the amount of Brotagonists in this game.

Still upset that Mr. Broderson (Neo) isn't called The Brosen One though.

JobForARockStar1380d ago

brosen one would have been so much better than what they went with

HaveAsandwich1380d ago

great, though mp is absolutely broken right now.