Even Finn Wants A Star Wars: Battlefront Singleplayer Campaign [Update]

Kotaku wanted a singleplayer campaign in the latest Battlefront. You probably did too. You know who else does? John Boyega, the guy who plays Finn in the actual Star Wars movies.

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-Foxtrot1374d ago

That must hurt them a bit. One of the main Star Wars actors now coming out about a single player mode

Would have been better if he said how little content there was.

JohnathanACE1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

I'd love a campaign mode seeing as the core game-play is already pretty good. Maybe an actor from the movies asking for it will get them thinking about adding one as DLC. This game should have had more content in the first place seeing as how bare bones it kinda was and a $50 season pass is not the answer.

Also like your new avatar.

-Foxtrot1374d ago

Yeah exactly it's just a shame people defend these practices

Oh and thank you 😊

crazychris41241374d ago

BF2's campaign was nothing special but was still fun. Was just multiplayer matches with bots and some narration. Should have a rebel and empire campaign that follows the events of the original trilogy

ASBO-51374d ago

Glad I only paid 20 bones for my copy, there's no excuse for no single player modes in games.

CaptainPunch1373d ago

It was on sale like a million times already, really regret spending $60 on it. It stopped being fun after playing a few hours.