Improvements You Can Expect in the Next Xenoblade Game, According to its Director

Twinfinite writes, "Many people who have invested hours into Xenoblade Chronicles X may have succeeded saving the human race from extinction, they have explored the entirety of planet Mira, and they have defeated the Ganglion menace, but they might now be asking themselves, 'What's next?'"

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Yi-Long2649d ago

I just want them to include the Japanese voices again, like they did in the original game (Xenoblade Chronicles), and obviously they shouldn't be doing the self-censorship again.

glassgannon9092649d ago

no thanks, id take a good battle system over voices in a language most of us dont understand.
the pseudo mmo with aggressive qte's shit wont cut it...
whats worse is the qte's dont even do anything awesome, theyre just a necessity to keep your health or other stuff up...

Philface2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Qte does more than restoring your health it gives specific buffs according to the situation it was triggered by. (See: soul voice)
Also it rises affinity level between the characters. Soul voice is not only coming from your character but also from team members. It is also important to check your stance towards your enemy for some attacks. The battle system is actually pritty complexe.

Pookandpie2648d ago

The battle system in Xenoblade is actually pretty great.

Soul Voices were a solid addition to actually keep you on your toes during combat. I'd actually like it if they took something similar to XCX's combat but then made it so that all attacks don't teleport or home in (if you played it, you know what I mean), making positioning even more important.

Or they could do something like Xenosaga Episode III's- or mix the two. So long as it's nothing like Episode II's, I don't care lol.

Kalebninja2649d ago

They need to just make a new battle system, i mean if any changes happen they need to be big because obviously people aren't buying it for a reason.

Pookandpie2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

"People aren't buying it for a reason."

Yeah, there's plenty of reasons, but I'm confused as to how you conflate any of them with the battle system. The Wii U has a horribly small install base that's notorious for ignoring games not featuring Mario - there's a reason. Gamers who enjoy JRPGs have literally no reason to jump to the Wii U since there's pretty much only Xenoblade CX on the platform- there's another.

The battle system can use improvements, but scrapping it and making another from scratch seems like a bad idea (I can't be the only one who remembers Xenosaga Episode II, right?). Xenoblade's combat had nothing really wrong with it, and it's the balancing aspects of XCX that are worse off than anything else; poor tutorials don't help, either, as you're not even properly told how Overdrive works in the game or its manual.

Kalebninja2648d ago

I said the battle system because that was my issue with it, its boring as hell and if a game is going to be as long as xenoblade it should be enjoyable to fight. This is probably one of the few JRPGs I've had this problem with it feels like an offline mmo.

Yi-Long2648d ago

For me that reason was 100% because they butchered out the Japanese voices.

Segata2648d ago

XCX sold better in Japan than the original and in the US sold over 200K on launch day.

Kalebninja2648d ago

Just because it sold better than the original doesnt mean it sold well. it sold 200k at launch but since then its only made it to 330k in the US and 750 total which isnt something to boast about.

Big_Game_Hunters2648d ago

Pretty ignorant statement you've got there.

Kalebninja2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

How is what i said ignorant? its been out in japan since april and out in the west since december and hasnt hit a million in sales. Its one of the worst selling wii u exclusives, even Captain Toad and Wii Party outsold it.

blawren42648d ago

Peopel are buying it, what are you talking about. It's never going to sell multi million as a niche title, but a million has already been reached or will be easily.

Kalebninja2648d ago

the games been it a while in the WEST and Japan and hasn't reached a million, calling a game a niche title is just another way of saying not a lot of people want to play it. And we've clearly seen that it's not because of it's genre since other RPGS have been selling 5-10+ million. So a game thats suppose to be big not reaching a million after several months on the market isnt selling well.

blawren42648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Did you seriously imply that a game isn't selling ic a game doesn't sell 5 million copies? On 13 m install base.

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Neonridr2648d ago

I am happy to hear that they are already talking about another one. Means the franchise is still in good hands.

Darkfist2648d ago

just dont try to make the map bigger, oh and voice acting in side missions

tigner2648d ago

I'm have the firm belief this game was grudgingly released on the U by Nintendo....they'd rather it had been released on the NX like Zelda U.

there's going to be a re-release of this game on the NX...

Big_Game_Hunters2648d ago

I would rebuy a 1080p, 60 fps. No pop in, no jaggies. version of the game.

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