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Forza Motorsport 6: Porsche Expansion review with this add-on DLC which brings twenty legendary cars "9 Xbox One exclusive", a new track and a series of events that showcase the history of Porsche from the past up to the future.

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ThePresentIsAgift1374d ago

As much as I love Forza, I would like to see Porsche included from the get go like they used to be. Surely they could have resolved licence issues by now? Unless I'm mistaken and a few Porsche were included but this bolsters the roster?

GHOSTxx4201374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Personally im disappointed that i paid $100 for the game/season pass , and i dont even get a discount on this pack for being vip. Honestly i regret doing it and turn 10 needs to step up...

Plus i can't believe they haven't fixed people crashing in lobbies, there's plenty of ways they can fix that but wont.

otherZinc1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

It's very clear you don't own the game.

You're mad you paid $100 for Forza Motorsport 6, because they give us a new car pack each month. I've gotten more than 50 cars with more to come.

There isn't 1 thing wrong with the online play. Nothing.

I thought I was great, with 745 Achievement Points, & playing for 7 days 13 hours total time. Until I saw a guy on my friends list that has played for 35 days 8 hours, with 765 Achievement Points!

Also, The Porche License is owned by EA. M$ must pay extra & is forced to pass that cost on to us. You just can't get M$ sued to death & have the entire Forza Motorsport 6 game pulled from market because you think they should do what Naughty Dog did, stealing content without permission & payment.

So 21 Porche Cars, 9 exclusive to Forza Motorsport 6, and a New Track with Several Variants, isn't worth $20? You're kidding yourself with hate.There are shi**y Indie Games that cost $20.

I'd rate the Porche Expansion: 10/10.

GHOSTxx4201374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

I put my comment in the wrong spot

GHOSTxx4201374d ago

Trust me i own this game and have alot of time in it, 800 achievements points and driver lvl 202 dont belive me look it up GHOSTxx420

Now to the real point the online lobbies are horrible, i mean you dont see a problem with people purposely wrecking one another? I dont see how that isnt a issue its in every lobby they have. Yes im mad that i payed for the season pass and no there hasnt been 50 cars released YET, but to me i have only liked maybe 5. All im saying is give the VIP members a discount!! Its not worth $20 to those who already payed $100 for the ultimate edition.