Microsoft hints at its Xbox endgame

Phil Spencer gave glimpses of a future for Xbox with short product cycles and a smartphone-like business model.

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Overload1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

"But in some ways, this move is less about overall market success and more about figuring out how to position Xbox (which Microsoft's upper management and shareholders do not care deeply about) as an important pillar of strength for Windows 10 (about which they care very, very much)."

I completely agree. It's about Windows 10 absorbing Xbox. That's why they care about Active Users, it's why all of their current moves mainly benefit Windows 10 and why their new Xbox ideas are so PC-ish.

Herbalistic1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

The share holders only view Xbox of value long as its being pushed as an Windows machine.Microsoft gaming division as it stands now brings them the least amount of return.

darthv721382d ago

MS will have their own brand of gaming "PC" and continue to call it Xbox much like they have their own line of tablets and keyboards / mice.

To the enthusiast that builds their own PC and chooses to run W10 it too will be branded an Xbox because of the software that will play on it being unified with the Xbox ecosystem.

BecauseImBatman1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

To bad they haven't adopted the "PC-ish" idea of Free Online. They're eliminating everything that makes a console a console (almost). Not sure if I like the direction. I'm a bit apprehensive but would be happy to have my mind changed.

In fact there starting to give me more reasons to play on PC (even though I don't wanna do that) than on their console, Xbox One, with free online and a lot of first party games going to Windows 10. I feel Xbox is having a bit of a identity crisis and MS's messaging isn't helping the matter.

1382d ago
Godmars2901382d ago



They only get free games. Period.

Corpser1382d ago

Have a look at humble bundles on what you get for $1

Yetter1382d ago

In fact there starting to give me more reasons to play on PC (even though I don't wanna do that)

So if you don't want to do that, presumably because you like consoles then what are the reasons they are giving you? If you like consoles, why wouldn't you just continue to play on consoles? The games are still there

finite1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Xbox is just a platform to run off, xbox is also on PC as a platform to run off, Xbox One's OS is a slimmed down version of Windows 10, to bring games to multi-platforms = shed loads more money, console will still sell due to consumer being couch huggers, or bed lovers. A console will not lose sales just because games hit PC as well.

Overall this is a good move for the game developers to get their games to a much wider audience overall. Also to have a console that you can incrementally upgrade, would mean backwards compatibility, no more having to re-buy games, just to play on your new system. A lot frown on the PC Master Race, because we sit on our high chairs and spit on console peasants. Well its now time for console games to sit up here with them and enjoy all your games for ever and ever.

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miyamoto1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

"If successful, it would probably mark the end of game consoles as we know them; the long predicted "death of the console" brought about through evolution into a new form of device"

The Xbox brand will die but console gaming will continue to live.

XanderZane1382d ago

I don't think XBox is going anywhere anytime soon. If Phil is already talking about new hardware for it, why would anyone think it's going anywhere? I do think a Slim XB1 that's upgraded may get released before this generation is over though. There were only a couple shareholders who were dissatisfied with XBox. This article acts like every shareholder didn't want XBox, which is completely untrue.

343_Guilty_Spark1382d ago

Satya cares deeply about Xbox so that is a lie.

1382d ago
SpeakTruthAlways1382d ago

Yes satya cares about xbox, and xbox will be there on windows 10 as a service.

343_Guilty_Spark1382d ago


If that was the case why would Satya sign off on another XBOX PC/console hybrid with upgrade cycles? You make zero sense and would be wise to keep your trolling comments to yourself.

By the way you obviously know very little about Satya. He isn't a "service" guy or whatever that is. His background is cloud and mobile. But he he has transformed Microsoft into a devices (Surface, Band, Xbox, Hololens), services (Office 365, XBL), and Cloud (Azure) business. Keep trolling though.

FlexLuger1382d ago


"If that was the case why would Satya sign off on another XBOX PC/console hybrid with upgrade cycles? You make zero sense and would be wise to keep your trolling comments to yourself."

Dont waste your time on em bruh. The thought of an xbox that is literaaly a console in a box, with upgradable GPU, scare the shit out of these they cling to this imaginary notion that MS is just making Xbox a service. its already a service on a console. Now the hardware is going to be upgradable and that means no more bragging in DF articles for sony fanboys, in advance...meanwhile we will be playing halo 5, forza etc. at max settings and beyond 4K on our next gen xboxs, fitted with whatever GPUs we want in them.

ThePope1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )


You're 100% wrong. MS is going to leave the living room. I mean no ever sits there anyway. Everyone sits at their computer. They eat at the computer, read at the computer, they even computer at the computer. There is no reason to have a big presence in the living room. Who likes big comfy couches and big tvs. Not me or any other gamer. Get it together man.

Im not trying to be mean but now that every exclusive is coming to PC everyone one is going to go spend $600-$800 today and $200-$300 in a couple years to keep it relevant. Why would you spend $350 to play 80% of games that come out today, tomorrow and in 5 years. That's stupid. I want to spend as much as possible.

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Philface1382d ago

Win 10 was created with gaming (on every Microsoft product) in mind, which makes things easier to use for consumers and developers.

jeromeface1381d ago

I'm sure M$ will drop the ball on every port job just to keep the superior experience on inferior hardware (XBONE).

Zeref1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

A lot of people interpret this as MS leaving the console market. Which is not the case at all., I don't know how they came to that conclusion. It will be a console that can easily be upgraded and maybe even play PC games. It's still a console. Just a more badass one.

Ark_1382d ago

It will be a (small formfactor) PC, just with an easy-to-use dashboard - similar to what you find on consoles today or like SteamOS introduced for PCs allready.

... still - a PC.
Which btw has only advantages.

DLConspiracy1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

I think it's more that the Consoles are becoming more and more like a PC anyway. The only thing that really separated them was the UI and hardware limitations. Now games are coded with the PC in mind to make for easier ports to consoles. It seems like it's one step closer.

With the physical media format slowly dying down it seems like it's more like a PC anyways. Which in all honesty having my games come with me from Gen to Gen should have been a thing years ago. That's one thing about PC gaming that you don't have to worry about. You don't need to keep your old system to play the games. Just the software direct x version to play them.

ChrisW1382d ago

"it's why all of their current moves mainly benefit Windows 10 and why their new Xbox ideas are so PC-ish."

Which I personally see nothing wrong with doing.

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PoSTedUP1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

i mean most gamers that buy consoles, or parents that buy for their kids, arent accustomed to or wouldnt expect to purchase a console, and in a way be burden by, short cycles. when we buy a console its: "ok $400-$550, im good for a while". but, this could be a good thing. like ppl that may want to wait a year or two and get the better version. but i can see it being a bad thing bc of people wanting to upgrade all the time; they wont be spending a lot or enough on games bc they just shelled out hundreds of dollars. i can see that hurting developers and eventually hurting Xbox in the not-so-long run. PC: "i just spent hundreds on a new graphics card" or w/e: *pirates* *pirates* *pirates* (or i can imagine). XBOX: "i just bought an upgraded xbox": *just plays what they already have for a while, in better graphics settings*

Zeref1382d ago

Not even Mr. fantastic can stretch that far.

Unspoken1382d ago

Agree with the first part. But games go on sale all the time. We will all have plenty of games to play, especially considering the new Xbox platform will be backwards and forwards compatible.

PoSTedUP1382d ago

yeah so ppl will wait till games go on sale instead of shell out $60 bucks bc they just dropped $300 or w/e on an upgraded console. or be more inclined than they already are to buy them used. either way im pretty sure it hurts the devs. i didnt say ppl wont have games to play. im talking about ppl not buying as many games bc of upgrading all the time.

Unspoken1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Well, if there is a larger install base, devs have the potential to make more money. Also, your scenarios is if everyone is upgrading every year.

What will likely happen is those that just picked up last year's model will not buy the new model if they are already limited on funds, freeing up their funds for more games. It will open up the option to entice new gamers to the platform due to the upgraded hardware and leave the option to upgrade annually to this that do have more disposable income.

The "older" console has to go somewhere though right? Either extra systems in the household or its given or sold off at a cheaper price gaining more market penetration allowing more devs a chance to sell their games. Not just games either, but Windows Store apps as developers will now combine their demographics.

corroios1383d ago

Sorry Microsoft you arent Apple and your products will not sell millions if you put them out every year....

343_Guilty_Spark1382d ago

The Surface and Band sell millions every year.

SpeakTruthAlways1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Still can't compare to numbers apple puts out.

mt1382d ago

@SpeakTruthAlways ironic you are speaking the truth hence people disagreeing with you.

ThePope1382d ago

Didn't Apple just put out a new larger far more expensive tablet because power users wanted nothing to do with the ipad and went with the Surface? Sounds like Apple is chasing MS share.

Unspoken1382d ago

Numbers that Apple puts out?

*Looks at number of PCs to Macs*

That is a pretty low number. Apple might want to do something about that.

fad6321382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

@Unspoken Apple puts out hardware with there own OS, Windows can be installed on any hardware.

If Mac OS wasnt limited to just Apple products it could be a different story

XanderZane1382d ago

So is the XB1. How do they think it got to 20 million sold in just a couple years. There are other companies out there that can't even sell 5 million phones or tablets in one year.

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jb2271382d ago

The funny thing is, by the time MS gets this off the ground, phones will all be switching to the new modular idea, where the users picks & chooses what pieces they'd like to upgrade & do it themselves, just like a PC...

Welcome to 2018...Game consoles are phones, phones are pcs, pcs are tablets & tablets are tv's.

Unspoken1382d ago

That is pretty funny... they are preparing now for the new transition and will be one of the major players behind unified devices and services. Exciting times.

Ark_1382d ago

Indeed. This kind of modularization has a lot of advantages economically and ecologically.

For example (PC): I buy a good case and PSU once a decade. Switch out my Mobo and CPU all 5+ years and my graphicscard every 2+ years. Saves a lot of money and resources. Would love to do that with other devices as well.

Azzanation1382d ago

But they do sell millions a year. MS also rake in billions a year as well. Xbox even sells millions a year. Your comment is wrong on so many levels. Your treating one of the biggest Software companies like no one likes them. There one the biggest for that sole reason.

Thatgrammar1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

They're one of the biggest for that sole reason.
Don't use "there" in that sentence, otherwise you'll sound like a fool.

1383d ago Replies(2)
MrMike891383d ago

If they are made upgradable, are they not just PC's....?

DragonDDark1383d ago

I know right? Just get a pc and you're basically doing what MS wants to do with the XB1.

2pacalypsenow1383d ago

Benefit of PC is that you wont have to buy proprietary parts and use that awful windows store

SpeakTruthAlways1382d ago

True that, if console gamers want true freedom and upgradibilty , pc is the only route.

UltraNova1382d ago

"Benefit of PC is that you wont have to buy !horrendously overpriced! proprietary parts and use that awful windows store."

There fixed it for ya!

FlexLuger1382d ago

2pacalypsenow + 15h ago

"Benefit of PC is that you wont have to buy proprietary parts and use that awful windows store"

You have to use that "awful windows store" anyway if you want to play KI, gears or forza:apex. You also need a XBL account...sooooooo....

Azzanation1382d ago

So was the Sega Genesis or N64 a PC because you could upgrade the console? No. Plenty of gamers want to play Xbox exclusives without gaming on a PC.

2pacalypsenow1382d ago

Lol both of those failed miserably , so people didn't want to upgrade a console

FlexLuger1382d ago

"Lol both of those failed miserably , so people didn't want to upgrade a console"

People also didnt want expensive VR headsets back then either...its a different age, mate. And as Azzanation said...most people dont want to build a PC to play xbox games. Shoot....most cant afford to build a descent rig that would play QB at xbox like settings...and they use tablets and laptops for stuff they used to do on a computer...because they dont need PC's..hence why desktop sales have been in decline for years now. You guys must have even more hype for xbox than I do as an xbox gamer, if you think XBox games on PC suddenly means a boon in sales for desktop parts vendors. Building a gaming Pc to play games on a console you can get for a lot cheaper makes sense to the majority of the console market. Hence why they buy consoles in the first place. But maybe...MS has an idiot proof way for noobs to fit a GPU by themselves without sweating bullets. And given that MS have said themselves their eco system of apps is forwads AND backwards compatable, its pretty obvious they wont be fragmenting their uadience with this approach. Especially when all PC games start being made in DX12..and thats going to happen over the course of this year, anyway. Its already started.

jonivtec1382d ago

In other words from what i understand....its the image of a tower pc that will change.Bring everything more close of the living room pc or not .

jhpadilla1382d ago

Consoles are successful precisely because they're less expensive than top-of-the-line PCs and every game is made to run on them; plus, the upgrade cycle is four to seven years. Its a great investment. Also you get a blu-ray player, netflix-ready, HD streaming service, and social apps, all in the same package.

All this for just $350 every four to seven years? Awesome for people who just want to play quick, casual and with almost no tech-savvy whatsoever, which are, whether we like it or not, the majority of people.

Microsoft thinks everybody is made of money. They also appear to think that we MOST give it to them. This is not forward-thinking, this is plain lunacy.

The smartphone business model is successful, yes, but you can't force that business model to something that its not a smartphone and expect it to become automatically successful.

Besides, the only really successful smartphone business models are Android's and Apple's, and they got to be successful thanks to their products being chosen by the public with their wallets. But the products won, not the 'business model'. The model was built around the successful products, not the other way around.

Make a great product and the model will build itself.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1382d ago

Well said!

Some people have the "make it and they will buy it" attitude. Clearly and historically, most of those who "made something just because they expect people to buy it" were wrong on so many levels.

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