Pokemon Sun and Moon Need to Put a Stop to Predictable Stories

Pokemon games have always had trouble with story, and if they don't fix it soon, it might be a problem.

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-Foxtrot1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Is it that hard to differ from the normal story

What about if you are a new member to the games new version of Team Rocket and you decide to leave when you help your later in game rival from them. They then take you to their home town and you meet the Professor. Maybe you'll already have a start Pokemon which the Team give you at the start of the game.

Or you might be a past member of the Elite Four who fell from graces and is going to earn his way back up

Maybe in another game you are the regions Professor and you decide to head into the world yourself.

All they need is a better in game character creator.

AdventNick1378d ago

Right? Giving the player the ability to choose their role in the Pokemon at the world would make for some interesting adventures

masso91121378d ago

Maybe you could decide to start as a young trainer (as normal) or an older one that,maybe transfer strong pokemon from past games and fight stronger trainers, maybe be able to get your own gym or something, obvioislt for any of this they must add a deeper character customization

notachance1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

well, I think it's because the target age for pokemon game is everyone, thus they have to mind that child plays the game too.

It reflects on their story, world, and pokemon design if you think about it, it's all kinda on the safe side, nothing too serious. And I think the developer is trying to push the feeling of old school JRPG where it's always from humble beginning to adventure to become a hero.

PerfidiousSinn1378d ago

I actually enjoyed Black & White's somewhat simple story, but they definitely stopped trying on the next game.

AdventNick1378d ago

Black and white took a step in the right direction

Summons751378d ago

B&W had the same old story of bad guys want legendary Pokemon the rule and or destroy the world. Only difference was they were clearly making fun of PETA which was hilarious.

KimikoGaming1378d ago

I'm honestly thinking that Sun and Moon will be a Gen 6.5 type thing. It will be a new region (my guess is Southern Kalos), but like 2nd gen, you will be able to travel back to the main part of Kalos after getting all 8 badges. But unlike 2nd gen which had a story that was a sequel in some areas, and separate in other areas, the story will still center around Zygarde.

So they will be a new generation, but have the story of what would have been a definitive 6th generation game.

LAWSON721378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

The trailer made it pretty specific enough where I believe 6.5 is absolutely not happening.

They showed all key entries in the series along with the year in a quick time lapse leading up to sun moon 2016.

However your mentioning of gen 2 has me thinking there could be much more to it than being 6.5. I think the whole .5 is underselling

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1372d ago

no. It's seventh generation.

- Anime currently on the close in Kalos for Ash. All that is left is Team Flare arc, 8th Gym Badges and Kalos League and then Sun and Moon release.

- Magearna isn't a Generation VI Pokemon. Similar to how Lucario and Zoroark were revealed before their gen.

- Gen 6.5 would had been Pokemon Z with Zygarde 10%-50% and 100% form but that didn't happen. Instead it seem to be anime exclusive.

They said new adventure and new Pokemon.

And if it's like Gen II then why aren't you labeling Gen II as Gen 1.5

StormLegend1378d ago

I agree! they seriously need to change things up! I don't mind the easy gameplay, I just want the story to be different and not the same copy & paste. Being an adult trainer would be cool as well. I don't wanna wake up in my bedroom, waiting to get my starter pokemon like the previous games.

masso91121378d ago

I would love to start as an adult trainer and have my old Lucario with me as my sole starter pokemon, he's been in my team for years, it would give the game a sense of continuation of my own pokemon journey, they could let you chose a pokemon from previous games as a starter, and just make the trainers stronger to keep up with your stronger pokemon

StormLegend1378d ago

Agreed! that would be great.

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