Monster Hunter Generations Will Be Announced By Nintendo Tomorrow; Trademark Registered

Looking at the trademarks filled in the European Market, Nerdleaks has found a new trademark registration requested by Capcom some hours ago. Therefore, Monster Hunter Generations could be announced tomorrow during the Nintendo Direct.


Monster Hunter Generations confirmed by Nintendo, during last Direct.

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JohnathanACE1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Which is a shame since Monster Hunter would work great on VITA. Could even save the system in Japan.

Majin-vegeta1379d ago

Uhhh the vita is doing good in Japan.

@Bully trolling like always.

xPhearR3dx1379d ago

Honestly, nothing can save the Vita.

Pookandpie1379d ago

Awesome, love Monster Hunter. Spend easily 300~ hours on MH4U, and even more than that in 2 and 3.

pepito1379d ago

Sorry guys. The vita needs no salvation. The little one did well in Japan and Asian areas and is arguably profitable. It's just a pity that devs feel reluctant to make any western tasted games anymore. For Japanese and Asian gamers, that s super fine indeed!