6 Upcoming Games That Are Becoming Dangerously Overhyped

With a number of triple A titles releasing on consoles and PC this year, Twinfinite take a look at the six titles that are close to being dangerously overhyped.

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Rookie_Monster1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Definitely I can see No Man's Sky as that game. There are hardly any info about it after a few glimpse of it last year from the developer. Isn't this supposed to be a Summer release this year?

Bathyj1379d ago

No info yet overhyped?

Wouldnt that be the medias and gamers fault if this game is overhyped?

Timesplitter141379d ago

I don't understand your view. Who can overhype things if not the media and/or gamers?

Bathyj1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

My point was it wasnt the developer or the publisher that overhyped. They showed a game and then said very little. Yet if the game fails to live up to these expectations that we ourselves have elevated so high, they will be the ones who will be accused of breaking promises. Not exactly fair. It seems silly to me that someone would say theyve told us nothing about the game but its so overhyped.

DARKKENT1378d ago

@rookie bathyj said it best.. 'no info yet overhyped'

So if there's hardly any info whos overhyped it?

Your comment makes zero sense

Timesplitter141378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

I think it's pretty much a global consensus that "hype" is always something that comes from the community, not the devs

Yes, devs have no control over hype, but that's what hype is

Bathyj1378d ago

No, hype can come from devs, publishers and even platform holders. Greatest line up in Xbox history springs to mind. If you toot your own horn too much and then fail to deliver youre fair game, but when its not them doing it how can you very well turn that hype against them which seems to be what people are anticipating with NMS?

ArchangelMike1378d ago


You always talk way too much sense to be taken seriously on N4g, lol.

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gangsta_red1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

The only game I agree with is No Man's Sky. It has been talked about for years now, little has been shown, few have actually played and no mention on how crafting or anything else truly works.

My biggest concern though is how long will interest last for this game? Will all the planets be the same just with different skins to make it appear the creatures are unique to that planet's environment? People complain about the grind in Destiny, imagine how this grind will be with the 18 quintillion planets it supposedly has.

The game sounds ridiculously ambitious, I hope it's everything they said it was and more.

BitbyDeath1379d ago

They don't make the planets or creatures individually it is all created based on mathematical equations based on things like distance from a sun, gravity levels and toxins etc

gangsta_red1379d ago

Which only adds to the hype especially if the creatures are nothing special or the same are found on similar planets with maybe a color variation.

MAULxx1378d ago

The difference is that with Destiny the grind became pointless.
Sure, you can grind to get to a higher light level but why? There's nothing "new" to see, no new areas to explore that require it so it became a pointless grind. At the very least, with NMS, there will be new places to discover, randomly generated or not. Now, whether they will be compelling & worthwhile is a different story.

gangsta_red1378d ago

"Now, whether they will be compelling & worthwhile is a different story."

And that is one of my main concerns. Will all solar systems have planets in the habitual zone, will those planets all have life?

Will these new areas be nothing more than re-skin, then that will get old too.

MAULxx1377d ago

I can understand your concerns. I'm not trying to invalidate them.
My personal view is that, based on what I've seen, I'm placing a $60 bet that the game delivers what I want it to.
I will not be placing anymore $60 bets on any new Destiny or COD games. I will just steer clear of those as they are truly boring to me.
NMS has just captured my imagination. I love the ideas/concepts of the game. I just have to experience this game for myself. Not too many games I can say that about.
Hopefully that experience will be memorable & compelling enough spend large amounts of time in. I'm betting it is. I will find out for sure come June 21 :)

gangsta_red1377d ago

I'll be getting this game regardless too. Everything you said to describe it is also how I feel about this game.

notachance1379d ago

No Man's Sky definitely, there's so little gameplay mechanic explained for a title which supposed to come out in just a few months.

iceman061379d ago

I think this is more of a perspective in WHO is doing the hyping? I don't see much media hype for NMS, although there was a great amount of coverage. However, there has been a great deal of anticipation and discussion, even articles, as to it's value, whether it will be good or not, procedural generation, etc. Generally, there seems to be more mystery, intrigue, and skepticism than hype around it at this point. (at least in the media) That's to be expected because it has gone a bit media silent.
Personally, I don't get too high or too low on a game until after it's been released. Maybe that comes with age...or just the experience of getting burned getting over hyped in the past. Either way, I just take them as they come and judge them for myself.

Pongwater1379d ago

"6 Upcoming Games That Are Becoming Dangerously Overhyped"

…By People Who Have the Tendency to Do That Sort of Thing

The same sort of person I saw here saying they thought Destiny would be more like No Man's Sky, because you know all the Destiny previews totally gave that impression...

gangsta_red1379d ago

Thank goodness no one here said Destiny would be more like NMS.

Pongwater1379d ago

They did, but I'm not going to bother looking for it.

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