Need for Speed Review - TeamVVV

VVV: "Need for Speed is slowly steering in the right direction for future games to follow. The exceptional car customisation has helped redefine the series and the five career paths offer a variety of driving experiences to suit multiple tastes, but it’s not the spectacular return to form it should have been.

Need for Speed has plenty of good ideas let down by lackluster design decisions: its flashy exterior can’t mask the fact it’s a severe case of style over substance."

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crazychris41241376d ago

Hopefully they learned their lesson with this game and can make the next one great.

TimelessDbz1376d ago

Love the vibe and the cut scenes in this game. Just needs more cars. Hopefully they will keep the go pro camera instead of some generic cg clip.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081376d ago

Manual transmission, drag racing, more garage space, 2 hotrods coming tomorrow. *wink wink*

C-H-E-F1375d ago

Too late for them to save this game, the over design of the game was just bad. By design i mean how they portrayed the racing culture is just bad man... the game was sooo dull, I would've loved to have MT and Drags... but I literally finished the whole game in my RX7 (first car I bought). Only reason why i bought the Supra was because I wanted to remake Bryan O'connors smh...

I wish they expand on it in the next iteration, otherwise I can definitely see "The Crew 2" taking the street racing scene over by storm once they get the upgrade system down more. I would've loved to have more bodykits and performance options.