The Division Has Potential, but Will It Make the Podium Alongside Destiny?

TCC: Is the open-world survival RPG going to make the cut for Destiny old timers?

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LoneWolf0191378d ago

I didn't realize Destiny was on a podium.

Tetsujin1378d ago

What's with the comparisons between Destiny and The Division? They're different games. If The Division ends up being all hype I'll leave it like I did Destiny.

zerocarnage1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Why do you people keep creating these articles. Each game is different, keep comparing them does nothing her. If you want to know what desiny got wrong and what the division has rite, read below and I'm sure theres more..

Over 6 mill played the open beta, the millions who played the division enjoyed it while there was a small per cent who didnt. Then you got the millions who didn't play the beta but will buy it, then the millions who are keeping there judgement till they read the reviews, which most will no doubt end up buying the division. Then you have the ones who didn't like it and change there minds.

For sure it's a win win and it could well and truely dethrone destinyy record sales win and for a good many reasons.

Some main reasons:

1: the division looks better in way of environment and all those little features within the environment that can be seen and be done.

2: there's actually a real story to be told, that could actually happen in real life but at the same time it will be immersive.

3: weapons and loot in general doesn't all feel the same, loot certainly does not have the same stats just adding skins for a new look.

4: a crafting system, where you can actually craft and feel like you have control over what weapons you want to go for..

5: a PvP zone in the way of the darkzone, which is the first of its kind from pc that console players will play for the first time and pc players already love.

6: a dynamic weather system, it's beautiful and stunning to see it all happening, changing and affecting your gameplay (stunning)..

7: skills that have skills, you don't have to just keep playing, you can switch them out at any time, make your own classes and be who your feeling to be. The skill system is basically a Diablo style skills system where skills ha e different variant and you notice the affects and how they react and change gameplay.

8: a stronghold which can be completely upgraded, which changes in looks and opens up more in vendors, actions and skills.

9: there are different vendors all holding different loot, with the timer so they swap loot when timer runs down. Solo players who don't want to go into the darkzone however could completely take advantage of the vendor who swaps normal currency for darkzone currency.

10: socially, the division is everything Destiny should of been, no restrictions anywhere within the division. Your not restricted in squading up, going into the PvP zones. It's more lively and to be honest kicks ass with how fast and smooth it loads you in.

11: the final piece to the puzzle, ubisofts and the division (season pass). The season pass isn't just dishing out dlc but they are dropping the bomb with supply drops, special and seasonal events. So we can expect all sorts in way of Xmas, Halloween, Easter, Chinese New years events and more. These events offer so much in the way of content, they change the game immensely. I've played them on wow , rift and guild wars and when they're on you just can't help doing all there fun and exciting quests. Doing there story's, milestones and challenges all to get your hands on one off loots or loot that only comes once per year just to have in your collection.

I can't stress enough how much of an exciting adventure the division is going to be, Ubisoft have said there's still features we do not know about yet, the beta was just a taste. Guarantee no matter what come day of release the division is mine..

ERFO1378d ago

"Why do you people keep reading these articles?" Here.... read this one I wrote in the comment section that has been written a thousand times before"

Chaosdreams1378d ago

And read this guys witty remark, from the witty remark of another person, commenting on the witty remark from an article/news/opinion piece.

ERFO1378d ago


*insert standard confused and angry rebuttal as well as a completely unwarranted "PS4 fanboy" proclamation*

fingazblank1378d ago

i just got the gold edition, for £32, theres a bit of messing around using vpns and such, but 32 quid its a steal... Looking forward to this now.

Kyoshi1378d ago

What podium would that be? One of the biggest sleazy corporate money tools ever created in gaming? I don't want to see The Division on that podium.

zerocarnage1378d ago

I'd like the division on that podium because then it would knock of the pretender and fake game that was destiny. We would then have a game that deserves that throne, the throne if a decent good game for once instead of these money hungry titles..