HoloLens Versus Virtual Reality: Which One Will Come Out on Top?

In recent weeks, a huge amount of news has surfaced regarding the fledgling technologies of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Although Valve and HTC will be stealing most of the headlines, after announcing the Vive headset’s price point of $799 alongside a release date of early April, Microsoft has also been providing updates on the progress of the HoloLens. The news isn’t quite as finite as Valve’s, however, with the headset being given the time to develop into a product that customers will want.

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Apocalypse Shadow1372d ago

There's no real competition between the two. One fully immerses you into a virtual world. The other, augments your existing world. Both can coexist and both are awesome if implemented correctly. Both can advance gaming and add to different sections outside of gaming.

The problem I have is the presentation of the two. The VR community presents their products and are being as real as possible to the consumers on what you SEE is what you GET. When you see the demonstrations and hear the feedback, users are being told the limitations right off the bat. No misleading talk, no misleading visuals.

When Microsoft presents hololens, they present to you a presentation on the IDEA of what you get, but it's NOT what you are getting.FOV is presented as being all around you, we see with their cameras what you're supposed to be seeing. But that's not what the user is seeing.

At E3, they showed Minecraft as being on a table. The picture in the article presents it as being all around the user. But that's not what you see. They don't tell you it's like looking at a 15inch monitor some distance away from your face. That's more like a window. And a small one at that.

It's no different in how they presented natal/kinect. What you saw was not what you got. The videos were pure lies like the family on the couch.
Milo was a lie. The guy on stage miming star wars was a lie. So this pattern of misleading presentations from them is not what I like. And the fact they knew no developers were making games for hololens at E3. When no one jumped onboard the AR conversation after E3, they backed off and said "well... It's not really about games." Then why bring it to a game show?

If your going to mislead the public on what they are getting, and what they are seeing,then that's when I have a problem. Disagree if you like. But I've never seen Palmer, Gabe or Dr Marks misleading the public on the tech they're presenting.

Fatal-Aim1372d ago

Exactly! I couldn't have said it better. People setting there disagreeing know its true.

The 10th Rider1372d ago

Microsoft's hololens is, at this point, a far off concept. What they show isn't exactly an exact replica of what the device they currently have can do, but it's an excellent showing of what the tech will eventually be able to do. It would be a lot different if they showed those presentations and then tried to sell it based off of them.

You're right that there really is no competition, Augmented reality isn't even close to ready for the consumer market yet, especially on the gaming side of things. In the future, however, I think the devices will be one and the same: A headset that works for both AR and VR. That's a ways off, though. It'll be ten years before we really see it done well, and even longer before it's cost-effective enough to sell to a wide consumer base.

iTechHeads1372d ago

HoloLens isn't releasing to the general public.

Barnaby-Jones1372d ago

Both are steps into the future.

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