Halo 5 is bringing back Grifball, but what on earth is it?

"The easy way to understand Grifball, at least visually, is if you’ve ever watched Rocket League it looks like an even crazier version of Rocket League," O'Connor said. "You’re looking at similar-sized maps, a goal at either end, and instead of cars you’ve got Spartans running around with hammers and swords. So, the kind of vibe you get from watching it is that it looks a little bit like Rocket League.

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crazychris41241376d ago

Why did they remove the explosion when scoring?? It was insult to injury and it looked cool as hell.

Mikefizzled1375d ago

It isn't round by round. It's free scoring. So you score and the game continues on instead starting a new round.

christocolus1375d ago

Same here. Since the update I've spent more time on griffball than warzone,i mistakenly took out a few members of my team during a match and I was tagged betrayer and kicked out. Lol. It's so much fun.

Perjoss1376d ago

Would be nice to get a PC version of Halo 5 and maybe Master Chief Collection too

spicelicka1375d ago

This is something you just can't do in any other FPS right now, aside from a few moddable ones on PC.

Halo is just a magical mix of gameplay and customization.