'The Witness' is the Most Important Game of this Generation

Ben, Associate News Editor for Gamer Professionals, writes:

"No game has floored me quite like The Witness. My feelings when playing it are indescribable, unmatched by any other video game. It is the most impacting game I have ever played, completely immersive and other-worldly. Combining a beautiful imaginary world with smart puzzle mechanics, it is truly a rich and rewarding experience. I believe it will have great lasting value in video game history, but it also represents the current generation perfectly."

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NorthernFrost1377d ago

Thanks all for reading! This game impacted me so much, I felt I had to express my opinions on it. A bold claim for sure, but I'm interested to see what people think.

Muadiib1377d ago

Fair enough, I hated the game personally and was massively disappointed. Bring on Hyper Light Drifter.

DashArrivals1377d ago

I agree. It is the most important game this gen for sure. This game will be remembered forever. People that never played it or that did, but used guides will never understand the true power of this game. I fear it will be years before we see another of it's like again. I played it for over 100 hours and finally got the platinum.

3-4-51377d ago

* No one game does everything and therefore no one game can be " the most important", especially when importance differs from person to person.

goathouse7741377d ago

I'd say it is the most successful outsider game of this gen, so far. It's different than everything else, but holds its own. That's saying something.

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DashArrivals1377d ago

In my top 10 of all time favourite games I've ever played and I'm 34. One of the best puzzle games I've ever played. Magical and mysterious. Reminded me of Myst and the show Lost.

I played it for over 100 hours. I looked at no guides. I took so many photos on my phone and I drew so many puzzles it was crazy. The same enjoyment I got out of beating Demon's Souls bosses is the same when I finally figured out a puzzle that I thought was unbelievably difficult.

The game had a very similar impact on me, but I played it as soon as it launched. I'm far removed from the game at the moment so I wish I could say more. The game is a puzzling masterpiece in every sense on the world. It will be remembered forever. People that say it was 'meh' are bullshit artists and if they even finished it, then they used guides. I don't believe them for a second. If you use a guide, you're robbing yourself of one of the best and most rarest of experiences that a game can offer you.

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The story is too old to be commented.