Does Mass Effect Andromeda's Delay Mean We'll Get Titanfall 2 This Year?

Sadly Mass Effect Andromeda is getting pushed back to 2017. Which means there is a vacancy that EA needs to fill in the 2016 holiday season. EA has been talking a lot about, a sequel to Titanfall and Gamestop has been putting up marketing material in some of its stores for Titanfall 2. Not to mention the unannounced sequel is available to preorder in Gamestop stores. Are these signs that Titanfall 2 will be EA's big holiday game true?

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1374d ago Replies(1)
cash_longfellow1374d ago

Did they ever say for sure it would be out in 2016?

1374d ago Replies(2)
sullynathan1374d ago

now that I think about it, I don't think that 2016 was the concrete release date. They said Q4 but that means something else depending on who you ask.

_-EDMIX-_1374d ago

I'm very positive on the latest trailer they showed holiday 2016

Sir_Simba1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

They did say holiday 2016 on the last trailer.
skip to 1:40

TacticAce1374d ago

This game being delayed makes me lose all faith in mass effect... People are leaving and they have holes to fill. And another year without the proper staff can lead to another Me3...

_-EDMIX-_1374d ago

Because you would just be thrilled if it released on time full of bugs? I'm sorry but EA got FLAMED for Battlefield 4 releasing with so many issues so I'm not really sure why they would continue to release games with an ironclad release date and ignore every issue that comes up just to make you feel better. ... its idiotic bud.

Mind you do you really believe every game studio you didn't read an article about losing a team member is just 100% with the same staff? Do you not fully understand that what you're reading with team members leaving are just because they reported it?

I'm sorry but you can't be so naive that you honestly believe that every team in gaming that didn't report staff members leaving is just a hundred percent the same staff....

You are just hearing about it I'm pretty sure many games you might be excited for had lots of people likely leave or enter the team etc just not have it reported.

I have no issues with Mass Effect next game as them delaying it means EA doesn't feel comfortable with a fall release if they want to fix up the game some more I'm 100% behind that move I could care less about a rushed release date just to make some inpatient children feel better.

I'm pretty sure if the release date stayed for fall in the game released filled with bugs you want it be jumping for joy I didn't unplayable game.

As if the entire point of you gaming is to get it on the date as opposed to actually playing the damn game lol Sure bud.

I make my decisions on games based on what I see from the final product vs a news article of some staff members leaving or entering as that is happening all the time unreported or the date the game is released.

I'm pretty sure playing the damn game is more important than when the games actually releasing I'm not sure the date of its release matters so much that it overtakes the entire point of playing the game.

You need some real help if the release date of the game or staff members leaving or entering solidifies your decision on a game you haven't played.

Are you even buying the game to play it or because it released on a certain date?

Germany71374d ago

Looks like EA will release another Battlefield this year too, don't know if they will release Titanfall 2 at the same time.

phoenixwing1374d ago

I was hoping for a 2016 release of Mass Effect but I guess I'll just have to wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.