Tom Clancy's The Division Limited Edition Xbox One Console Giveaway

Major Nelson:
Tom Clancy’s The Division is set to release next week on 08 March, and I will be in New York City attending a midnight launch event to celebrate the occasion at the Microsoft Flagship Store. If you’re in the area, you can read more about attending the event here. If you’re not in the area, don’t worry, I have an opportunity for you to win a “Tom Clancy’s The Division Limited Edition Xbox One Console” + copies of the game.

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Neonridr1376d ago

Nice looking console, actually like the orange controller.

crazychris41241376d ago

Looks awesome, they should of put it into production.

daBUSHwhaka1376d ago

Superb design.Orange and black actually look good together.

Goldby1375d ago

Halloween called, asked me to drop the mic for that comment

KwietStorm1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Console looks very nice. Controller is butt ugly.

Does anyone know if you can send an Xbox One pad to Microsoft to be made into an Elite pad, like how you can send it to Scuf?

Goldby1375d ago

its different insides, and if i've learned anythign takign apart an old controller, is that never feels the same afterwards, now bear in mind i used a hammer and super glue. but the statement still stands

KwietStorm1375d ago

That's why I said send it in to have it upgraded professionally. You didn't really use a hammer and super glue did you?

zerocarnage1376d ago

If they put this into production, I would buy it instantly, it's beautiful..

Goldby1375d ago

its a very nice console, the controller is a little too much for my taste, would hjave prefered the half circle thats arounf the xbox logo on the console to be matched on the controller, and maybe even replace the xbox logo on the controller with the dividion pheonix logo