Monopoly Plus PS4 Review | NoobFeed

Ron from NoobFeed writes - To be a game that’s turning 80, monopoly Plus makes it look as if it were a pretty recent product, appealing to even the newest generations.

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Wallstreet371379d ago

I dont know what version i have but i recently bought it off of psn for 8 bucks and i love it! Its a true Monopoly game just with a dynamic board. Me, my gilr and son play it every other night and have a blast, it is well done imo as it should be as not alot is going on in the game to begin with.

Vednor1379d ago

Indeed. It was on sale at PSN store during valentines offer. Great game really. A perfect game to play with all the family members.

Wallstreet371378d ago

Yeah thts when i bought it, i might have even bought it for 4. I dont remember but at that price you cant go wrong.