Star Wars: Battlefront’s Outer Rim lets you play as Greedo and Nien Nunb

Information on the Star Wars: Battlefront Outer Rim DLC has been announced, and it comes with playable characters Greedo and Nien Nunb.

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crazychris41241377d ago

Only 6k people are playing this on PC, that's terrible for one of the most anticipated games of last year. Maybe the complete edition and patches to balance the game will boost the player counts.

DarkOcelet1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Or maybe because there are a hundred other multiplayer FPS games that are better and cheaper than Battlefront and have more content and play better on PC.

CaptainFaisal1377d ago

No need to say cheaper, it makes you sound bad... But you are right about one thing, that there are other mp games better than Battlefront :)

ProgressiveLiberal1377d ago

Greedo and Nien Nunb? The two has a total of 10 minutes screen time in the movies. Who wants to play as them?

AtariFanboy1377d ago

Not even, Greedo appeared for about a minute. At most between the 2 is 5 minutes.

akurtz1377d ago

relax, theyre just playable for their relevance of the DLC. plus they might have some cool abilities!!

antz11041375d ago

LAAAAAAAME. Fail EA, epic fail.

pompombrum1377d ago

"Awesome, I can't wait to buy the season pass in hopes EA add Greedo and Nien Nunb as playable heroes" - said no Battlefront fan ever.

Clutching at straws with these additions, I'm a huge Star Wars fan and still had to google who Nien Nunb was. Surely the likes of Chewbacca, Wedge, Lando and Tarkin all have a far bigger shout for being in the game.

OB1Biker1377d ago

Level cap increased to 60. I was hoping for more, maybe later. Not sure how many players the new mode has.

Eliseo6761377d ago

Blatant usage of already made assests, plus denying the appearance of etheir Chewbacca, Ben Kenobi, Lando or Yoda, over Nien Nub?

Not even that, not using Ashoka Tano or other Rebels characters just to reuse already made faces unto heroes for a quick buck?


It's Disney. It's Star Wars. I could get behind paying 50 for a season pass knowing the Star Wars merchandize is already expensive, but selling two lesser known characters as part of the season pass?

UGH. Battlefront could have been an amazing franchise.

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