Would You Upgrade to a Supercharged PS4?

Push Square: "Microsoft's making some interesting comments at the moment. Following the launch of the Xbox One, the company really seems to be pivoting under the leadership of new CEO Satya Nadella. From an external perspective, the biggest change that we're seeing is the release of its first-party titles on the PC – or, to be more specific, the Windows 10 Store. But speaking this week, brand chief Phil Spencer suggested that the company may be done with the traditional console cycle, potentially opting to refresh hardware with more regularity like a smartphone or tablet. But is that an idea that you're open to?"

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2pacalypsenow1373d ago

Nope If I want upgrades I use my PC for that.

SonyWarrior1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

its a waste of money to upgrade xbox one since you can just play the games on the PC and have more options for hardware upgrades. but i would totally be down to upgrade ps4 to play all the great exclusives at even higher resolutions and better graphics.

SourtreeDing1373d ago


im replying to the article question not you...

XisThatKid1373d ago

Ok look how the 3DS came out with the analog nub after wards the early adopters would be SO FKD if more games utilize it and make it a standard or requirement. Same when Sony didn't want to make the later models of the PSP have a second analog nub they'd be bastardizing early adopters and force them to play modern games on a system they already own but with minor tweaks now if you can make these upgrades easily plug and play this might be a go but if not enough software even utilizes the upgrade in fear of segragating the install base it would be pointless to have upgradable hardware.

XisThatKid1373d ago

Also isn't this one of the main points console has over PC, the ease of use for the general consumer?
EVERYTHING that releases on the platform can play on it with no questions and simple plug and play rules. it's already bad enough some can't even get past the concept of getting DLC but we're talking about expanding hardware during a lifecycle? I'm all for the evolution of our industry but this is so tricky and double edged it's way to unsafe at this time to be introduced. Aside it is in some ways people choose console over PC. but you start adding in necessary add ons to play a new game on a 3 year old console and people are going to get mad this is a sure thing. Lets add in the fact of propietary installs too like a Playstation made GPU or new CPU or ram or Xbox expansion pack for insane overprices. Or we can just buy another 400$ console 3 years after even though I paid the same for it before but now it's tailored to today's standards this. None of this sounds good to me. but I DO like the end game but it's going to be a tough sale to the masses

UltraNova1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )


If I wanted to shell out more money every couple of years to upgrade my system with overpriced proprietary hardware so I can play the latest games at their full potential, while risking frustration on less optimized games due to hardware fragmentation and dev laziness I wouldn't buy such a console, I would stick with my PC.

freshslicepizza1372d ago

why not if i can play games like driveclub and uncharted 4 at 60fps? who wouldn't want that?

UltraNova1372d ago


I would never pay god knows how much money for a +30 fps 'upgrade'.

n4g00061372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

better fps, resolution, yes.

darthv721372d ago

If the new model would play all the same games then it has already happened.

Not specifically to a "console" but the PSP has gone through a few upgrades over it's lifetime. The original 1000 only had 32mb of ram where as the 2000 doubled it to 64mb. Not only increasing the memory but features that werent possible on the 1000 as a result.

And the 2000 went on to sell more than the 1000 and was later followed up by the 3000 with a better screen. Now the difference in screen is no comparison to a change in performance due to increased memory.

bottom line is it didn't fracture the industry as people who had the 1000 could still play the games released but those who bought the 2000 played the same games only with improved efficiency and TV out. I have both and can say there are some games that benefit from the improved specs of the 2000 but will also work on the 1000.

If a slightly improved PS4 were available then it too would likely still sell and possibly sell even more than the existing one. Especially to those who already have one as they would want to ensure they have the newest model that guarantees past and future compatibility.

TheUndertaker851372d ago

@XisThatKid: You mean like this accessory Nintendo licenses and sells for the 3DS? Early models did not include 2 analog sticks.

Circle Pad Pro - Nintendo 3DS Accessory (3DS console not included)

The newest iteration also plays 3DS titles the former models will not, something Nintendo uses as a selling point.

Forn1372d ago

PS4 can run games like Uncharted 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn. I'm good.

freshslicepizza1372d ago

"I would never pay god knows how much money for a +30 fps 'upgrade'."

that's the beauty of it all, you don't have to. all sony has to do is make sure that no games will require the improved hardware. this is the mistake both nintendo and sega made, they had games that required the additional hardware.

if all games will still work with older ps4 hardware why would anyone care to the point of thinking this is a bad idea?

Goldby1372d ago


If devs are limited to using the base specs, whats the point of upgrading if the games being optimized for the masses that don't like the idea of upgrading their console/pc to play new games. devs like ND and Santamonica would push to use the upgraded specs for their games becuase "SCIENCE" devs will make any excuse to be able to work with upgraded specs to make their games that much better.

the second you have 2 different versions of a console, not including hdd, you split the audience and the ones who are console gamers (dont like to upgrade every year) will be punished

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badz1491373d ago

Actually, what is stopping Sony or any other console manufacturer from making the supercharged version of existing hardware? Sony actually did it with the PSP with the later models having their CPU clocked higher than earlier models (222 vs 333Mhz) and isn't Nintendo always doing it with XL version of the DS?

so, why can't we have supercharged PS4 or Xbone a couple of years down the line with the same architecture but slightly better GPU or CPU? and they are called the PS4+ or PS4s and One+ or One XL or something not just the usual die shrink or slim, I'm talking actual hardware improvement!

PC games' settings are configurable to suit different PC but why can console games be the same? they can come up with 2 settings, for the older model and new ones. that would be amazing!

XisThatKid1373d ago

To be honest people by consoles for convenience and alienating early adopters say like a game requires the new specs and it's already a problem people don't by all DLC for games but now we're divided by hardware as a community now. it's already terrible I've seen games like Starhawk, Twisted Metal, PlayStation All-stars all great games that I'd given a chance could have strong communities but sprayed by software segregation imagine if games get segregated by hardware.

ChuckTheIceMan1373d ago

This is the way it could work.

BigLurch1373d ago

Sony already claimed it had a turbocharged pc architecture (chortle) when they revealed the bloody thing. Wake the f up author haha

Apocalypze1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

If consoles are "inferior" to PC gamers why do they bother coming to a Console related news?

Rayven1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )


Then you should've cleared that up earlier. Replying no to a no translates to a yes.

Christopher1372d ago

Nope. I'm sure some would, but I'm obviously fine with the level of graphics and performance on current hardware and I'd like another 5 years before I move on. there is a ton of untapped potential in game design that most developers ignore and they instead focus on graphics.

GordonKnight1372d ago

Looks like MS & Sony are getting ready for the more powerful NX. If the NX wasn't on the horizon, than upgrades wouldn't even be consider.

I would purchase an upgraded PS4, but it would need to come with a 4g hdd. Kill two birds with one stone.

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crazychris41241373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Upgraded PS4 or X1 would probably push for 1080p60fps in almost every game.

How much more would you be willing to spend to do that?? If it's only a $100 more and they have a great trade in deal then I would consider it. I'm not gonna drop $600+ on just a console.

DonkeyDoner1373d ago

just to push 1080/60??no
if they upgrade straight to 4k i'll buy it

crazychris41241373d ago

4k is way to expensive to do now, gonna have to wait a little while for that one

XtraTrstrL1373d ago

4k would be a waste right now. It'd be better to get the gfx way better with further draw distances, more going on onscreen, less load times, etc. 4k would use up all the power and other areas of the game worlds wouldn't get much of an upgrade.

Though I don't like the idea of this in general. Might as well just get a top of the line gaming PC if we're gonna start upgrading to different PS4/X1 versions. Then you get the games for cheaper, and don't get robbed by online paywalls that have no benefit other than letting you online.

Aenea1373d ago

Haha! You funny!

So you want [email protected] Ok, let's do the math, hmmm, 4k means 4 times the pixels on screen, but you want also double the framerate, so you want the 'upgrade' be 8 times faster? And let's be honest, to get a stable [email protected] it probably should be about 10 times faster.

You any idea how much that is going to cost? And for what? The 0.001% of console gamers with a 4k TV?

Even the next generation of consoles won't support 4k, maybe for Netflix and the like, but not for games. The costs for the console would be higher and why would they want to do that if not many people have 4k TVs. Right now 4k is not all that interesting, there's barely 4k content out there. Once the new Bluray format is out and TV channels actually start broadcasting in 4k then sales of 4k TVs will take off but I don't see that happening in the next 4 years already...

iceman061373d ago

Or, alternately, just release a console with a crazy amount of power upfront and ditch the idea that consoles have to be $399-$499 to sell. I would be more likely to spend extra upfront than I would to buy a new console earlier or do some modular upgrade. Plus, it wouldn't segment an entire community or make it that much tougher and more expensive for developers.

Aenea1373d ago

You would, yes, I probably would too, but many people would not have bought a console if it had cost way more.

Even the X1 had troubles with being $100 more 'cos of the Kinect...

Goldby1372d ago

1080p 6+0FPS will be achievable on these systems, just takes time. the exclusives are or starting to hit those numbers

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081373d ago

After all flip-flop i seen with sega did with their products, i hope they don't do what MS is doing because this'll divide the community as devs will want to work on the(Supercharged PS4 as in the article), meaning the ppl(like myself) bought PS's at launch will have the crappy version of the game because they're developing it on the stronger PS4.
Sounds good, but no in my opinion.

PFFT1373d ago

The moment they dropped the Streaming to PC patch on the PS4 they have already begun doing just that. Doing what MS is doing. Thats how MS started with the whole Stream thing and look at where they are now. They are thinking of making a PC/Console Hybrid. IF this crazy ass idea does indeed come into the market and its a hit. Sony will jump onto the bandwagon as well. Its a business and if Business is good it doesnt matter what you or any other fan out there thinks. Their company's well being is first the fans are second. I just hope they let us trade in our old consoles in for the new model i mean its highly doubtful it will ever come to pass but you never know.

FlexLuger1373d ago

They wont be doing it anyway, so the question does not matter.A better question is what form will the PS5 take....

rainslacker1373d ago

I'd call an upgraded PS4 a PS5 myself, but to each their own I guess.

Sparta071373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

@flex xbox1 won't be upgradable either.
Next Xbox maybe.

Ontopic; if cheap enough yes

FlexLuger1372d ago


I agree it will be the next one. But here the beauty of it all: The XB1 games will work on it from day one. as will the X360 games that are BC. So for me, I will have two generations of digital games ( I have not bought disc games in years...except for on my PS4)on my next xbox...and one hell of a backlog. I have literally hundreds of games between X360 and XB1. They will all work on my next xbox...Im cool with them rolling out this new upgradable console in the next 3 years to be honest.

they could sell a base model that meets the visual requirements of the time like they did with XB1 and X360..strong enough to last a gen...but the option to get more GPU power will be there if we want it. DX12 will make optimzation and hardware scaling light work. So the base model could be as low as 250- 300 bucks. Maybe a bit cheaper for those of us that dont need the BR drive. I dont even own a single XBox game on disc, let alone a BR drive. So I donty need it. Thats a nother 50 bucks off the RRP, right there. And 50 bucks towards a day one GPU upgrade. Ill just buy the best GPU and be done with it :)

x_RadicalAura_x1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Hell no. That's always been one of the things I've liked most about consoles vs. PC gaming... The simplicity. One set piece of hardware for ~7 years and you're good to go. Everyone is on a level playing field. To say that devs have already hit the limit of the PS4 is complete, utter BS and just sounds like a cop out for lazy devs. Just look at the evolution from launch PS3 games to games late in the console's lifecycle (e.g. TLoU). There are still so many optimizations/innovations that can be done via software to push the hardware to its limits. Throwing more raw hardware power at the devs won't accomplish much and the downsides of alienating their original customer base, pissing off and confusing consumers, etc. will far outweigh any potential benefits.

I do see console gen lifecycles shortening (e.g. 5-6 years) slightly, but that's an entirely different thing.

NapalmSanctuary1373d ago

A normal console cycle is more like 5 years. Last gen was a bit of a fluke.

TFJWM1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Umm? Please tell me what generation of systems has been 5 years...

JasonKCK1373d ago

TFJWM you just answered your own question. He said "Last gen was a bit of a fluke." That would be the most recent.

He's right, most console generations don't normally last as long.

OB1Biker1373d ago

Agreed I'd rather save up and buy a new PS5 than upgrade OF COURSE!