Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 Would be a Bad Idea Activision

With rumors beginning to circulate the Call of Duty: Ghost 2 is the next installment in the series, Activision could be making a big mistake.

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CaptainFaisal1382d ago

Ghosts was the worst CoD, I HATED the MP. BUT, I loved Extinction and the campaign :)
Before you start hating, i am a MP guy , but you have to agree this one was just a failure.

Would i want to see Ghosts 2? Honestly its been 3 years... Heres me hoping for the 5th time they dont screw things up! I would rather see something new or atleast Modern Warfare 4, but you never know we might get surprised :) Which we most probably wont but you never know!

Heyxyz1382d ago

The biggest problem is the fact that the "Ghosts" name already has a negative stigma attached to it. The COD community seems to hate Ghosts with a passion, and even if the game is different people will still refuse to buy it simply because it is the sequel to "the worst COD ever."

d4v03331382d ago

Totally agree with you. The worst COD ever. The campaign was ok and Extinction was fun but got boring very fast. Hopefully they do not release Ghosts and go back to Modern Warfare series and make a great one like MW & MW2.

trenso11382d ago

Is ghosts the one with the dog? Or is that another COD?

we4201382d ago

Whatever it be, Ghosts 2 or MW4, they would have different stories but it would technically have the same gameplay regardless. Ghost has a bad stigma but it would still be the same as MW4 and vice versa.

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rebeljoe141382d ago

If they fix the MP and finish the story strong then it might be a good thing cause I want to know what happens to your character and Rourke after the cliffhanger ending

Heyxyz1382d ago

Yup. In both sales and fan reception Ghosts was an all time low for the series.

Kallisti1382d ago

Considering the next Call of Duty is coming out at the end of this year, it would be to far in development for them to change from Ghost 2 to something else now anyway.

Goldby1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

something else like..


boogidy boogidy booo /s

couldn't help myself.

Jivesh1382d ago

If they don't call it Ghosts maybe it'll get past people

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The story is too old to be commented.