Xbox 360 price cut week of Sept. 7; 60GB $299, Elite $399, Arcade $199

It appears that two of the Xbox 360 SKUs will receive a $50 price drop by the week of Sept. 7, making the 60GB model $299, the Elite $399, and the Arcade will drop $80 to $199. A few of our retail contacts, some of whom have given Joystiq good intel in the past -- and who all work for separate corporations -- have sent us identical information regarding a price drop. Evidence of the Elite and Arcade price cut can be found in the gallery below featuring images sent us from the Sept. 7 Radio Shack flyer.

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Breakfast4686d ago (Edited 4686d ago )

...Just so MS can have a higher hardware count in September's NDP results :)

I advise all the Micro-kings do the same.

18 days till judgment day SonySoft.

GiantEnemyCrab4686d ago (Edited 4686d ago )

Count me in for 3 more. Sept NPD is going to rule! (thanks to us)

boodybandit4686d ago (Edited 4686d ago )


sonarus4686d ago

Fantastic...maybe i will finally get one now.

sumfood4u4686d ago

I don't see what the big deal is with this, they got a $hit Load of JRPG, that a bit more exciting than a $50 dollar price drop.All I'm saying is "Having all thoes JRPG is like the Icing on Sweet Cake! Square/Enix gave us PS3 owners Cornbread with Syrup!" Better Luck next year an a pat on our Backs! Ahh well I need a Drink!

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BulletToothtony4686d ago (Edited 4686d ago )

that plus having to pay online since i'm spoiled now by sony...

and even thou that price is so tempting having to buy lbp, socom, R2, Motorstorm, Wipeout HD will set me back $260 which is not that bad but if im' gonna be so busy with those games then i can't buy another console... i wouldn't be able to freaking sleep... maybe next summer.. hopefully cause i do wanna play geow2, that and mass effect..

hazeblaze4686d ago

That is definitely good news for those that are interested in buying a 360... but given the recent price drop and poor sales, I'm not sure this is going to help much. Especially amidst the news of a 160GB PS3. Sony continues to make their sku prices look justified, while making Microsoft's system look more like the 'inferior' system.

On the flip side, Microsoft has managed to get the first next gen system that hits the magic 'sweetspot' of $300. A 60GB at $300 is pretty sweet.... the arcade is still a crap system though. And they're doing it at a very strategic time... it'll be interesting to see how consumers respond this holiday.

Aclay4686d ago (Edited 4686d ago )

So you think it's "Game Over" for Sony with this price cut? I think not.

At this point in time the Xbox 360 needs a much help as it can get seeing that the PS3 has been outselling the 360 in the U.S. almost every month this year and seeing that the demand for the 360 in the U.S. has been pretty low even with the Arcade being at the $279 price point. The only territory Microsoft has left is the U.S. and Microsoft can't win a console war by just outselling the PS3 in one territory and doing mediocre in the other two territories (Europe and Japan). It's just funny how Microsoft and Xbox fanatics put so much emphasis on the U.S. like it's the only territory that matters, but a console war is a Global battle.

With the 360 being at a $279 price point and still not being able to do damage to the PS3 in the U.S. this year, it will be interesting to see if the price cut will even have a significant impact.

BoBo334686d ago (Edited 4686d ago )

Are you actually being serious? 360 just opened the flood gates in NA, and you don't expect a change in sales? Every gamer in NA is about to be a 360 owner, and that includes sony fans, ps2 owners ready to upgrade, ps3 owners, and even current 360 owners who want to upgrade. Whether you want to believe it or not, there is a pricepoint where a gamers lust for great games over rides fanboyism, and $200-$300-$400 is it. My friend, unless sony lowers the price of the ps3 $100 tomorrow, you are about to see the 360 obliterate the ps3 in NA.

Mao4686d ago

I just bought my Arcade at $279!!! Haha, not the first time this happened. I also paid $600 for my 60GB PS3 and now look what the freaking price is! YAR!!! This Generation of gaming has been very financially cruel to me!

Freckler4686d ago

I believe ole Bullettoothtony just dropped in to plug sony. Poor guy, he's probably an emotional trainwreck.

Homicide4686d ago

I'm buying one too. Infinite Undiscovery FTW!

HB-Sauce4686d ago

Haha, bubbles for both Breakfast and GiantEnemy Crab.

AAACE54686d ago

The Arcade would potentially take alot of sales away from the Wii, especially if they include some games with it (Besides the 5 arcade games).

The 60 gb would be at a good price to boost sales in the midst of all the games coming out from here to dec.

And the Elite has a 120 gb HDD, which is less than the 160 gb Ps3, but will be at least $200 cheaper than the Ps3!

Sony fans, before you disagree... Look at the facts!

360 has a few exclusives coming out, some well known 3rd party games coming out, and alot of other games that alot of people aren't paying attention to yet, but will have some sales as well!

As much as we respect our chosen consoles, history tells us that the system with the most games usually wins the war! Ps1 and Ps2 have won because of this fact, and it looks like MS are trying to copy that blueprint!

Just when we thought this console war was getting boring... They light a fire to get us interested again! I wanna see what Sony and Nintendo do to counter this (if it's true!).

StephanieBBB4686d ago

How cheap/outdated is the 360's hardware when they can lower it this much? =S

Nate Frog4685d ago

Isn't there a bridge you should be under somewhere right now Stephan?

ceedubya94685d ago

Don't be stupid. This is just the 2nd price drop that 350 has had since its been released in how many years? This is long overdue.

CrazzyMan4685d ago

atleast it will have some use in this fanboy war.

p.s. but you can`t stop ps3 domination with buying additional x360s. =)

JasonXE4685d ago

if the xbox is having poor sales than what is the ps3 having?? below aveverge for a new console with blu ray. When either of them have breakout sales then let me know.

Shaner_Bock4685d ago (Edited 4685d ago )

The ad states in the top right corner that the prices are good 9/7-9/20/08. That doesn't sound like a permanent price drop like most are making it out to be or some of you may think it is.

I'll look into it, though, it still sounds like a good deal.

BattleAxe4685d ago

It doesn't matter if the price goes down, once people start seeing t.v. comercials for SOCOM, Resistance2, LBP and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, Sony will start to pull away in a big way.

Then next year in 2009 when they see t.v. comercials for Killzone 2, Infamous and God of War 3, I think it will be game over for the XBOX 360.

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Breakfast4686d ago (Edited 4686d ago )

....i fail at life :(

4686d ago
Isaac4685d ago

Why deleted by mod? I was just pointing out the funny.

ape0074686d ago

60 gb at 299$

that's a steal right there

good news,good news

I guess sales gonna pump up 40 % more

trancefreak4686d ago

ya i think thats the best deal on a 360 is the 60gb at 299.

deno4686d ago

just purchased my 60gb xbox360 model and the fan is quiet and it runs cool and stays cool as good as my ps3. I believe they fixed the rrod issue friends. Also purchased too human today, it's a good game. Time to game not flame!!!!

socomnick4686d ago

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zo6_lover274686d ago

I actually understood that, I have no life :(

doshey4686d ago

please u guys are still getting rrod haha losers

Immaculate4686d ago

Ugh, Doshey you are disgusting

morganfell4686d ago

Well BoBo you sound like a broken record. That same phrase of desperation was uttered when the last price cut was made. You know, the one in which you were still smoked in July despite shortages of PS3s? Yeah, that price cut.

MS doesn't realize you reach a certain point that price drops reek of desperation and "the lower end console" which of course the 360 happens to be.

I want to hear your lame excuse, go ahead and try it out now, when ANOTHER price cut fails to put you back in front of Sony.

You are dumb enough to think "What a deal" but the majority of the gaming world is thinking, "FIRE SALE!"

What are consumers going to do with the few paltry dollars they save on a cheap undependable 360? Buy a copy of Too Human?

Bangladesh4686d ago (Edited 4686d ago )

Blah Blah Blah, Morganfell, this isn't Japan(or where ever the hell youre from). You are about to see the PS2 & PS3 get steamrolled in NA.

You sound like you are about to start crying, you are so desperate to damage control the enormity of this news.

The 360 has dropped a total of $100 in 3 years. What's the ps3's excuse? Huh? Maybe the "desperation" you are talking about?

psycho3604686d ago

@shabana oh sorry immaculate

dosehy is just a troll with eggs on his face

Pain4685d ago (Edited 4685d ago )

wow Talk about Proving your Console is a Cheap pile of crap.

Desperate M$? Cant have the NON Blinded buy a

Clearance sale!!!! NEW XBOX 09

GOTY 20074685d ago


Xbox 360 is going to sale more consoles this holidays season


theKiller4685d ago (Edited 4685d ago )

i told u that u r a bot but trying to act like a normal gamer!! i throwed ur mask a long time ago bot!!
and why do u act like this?? if u r from Bangladeshi u think by being a bot u will get the American green card?? think again bot!!! no body give a rats about bots in this world!!

@GOTY 2007
did u know now its 2008 bot? where do u live in? a cave?
and whats with the HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA?? do u actually lough like that?? because if it is so then u might be a parrot bot not human bot!!

on topic: i think this price cut will help very little in hardware sales and for short time, with all the negative news about "too human" a flop and NG2 half flop and RROD not free online all that took a toll on the 360 sales!!! people spread the words!!
i feel sorry for MS and the bots, they tries so hard and they gave a good 2007(good compare to xbox) but they were against the king of gaming!! simply there is no chance!!

why so serious bots??

morganfell4685d ago (Edited 4685d ago )

Let's laugh together Killer, look:

Those sales aren't goin anywhere on the 360 but down. Oh look:

Yep, 360 sales going into the toilet.

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DG4686d ago

360 at $200 4 months before Christmas...not bad.