CD Projekt RED's Marcin Iwinski: "Most of The Witcher sales are for the PC"

CD Projekt RED's CEO, Marcin Iwinski, has confirmed that The Witcher franchise has sold more on the PC than on consoles.

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Nyxus1666d ago

"Consoles began for real with PS2 from Sony, and then with X360."

Kind of a weird thing to say, if you ask me.

LightofDarkness1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

They're a Polish developer, likely speaking from Polish experience. I can imagine that the original PS was prohibitively expensive in eastern Europe in the 90s.

Hoffmann1666d ago

My gf is from Poland and moved to Germany in 1998

She is a gamer too but mentioned they had almost no game consoles there until the first Playstation, often they were imported from Germany or the Netherlands and they were very expensive there, same with games. Not as many games were published there and expensive for the people too.

Bet that changed really around the year 2k there. Today, most European games even have Polish translations

neoandrew1666d ago

Im from Poland and i can confirm this, to this day pc games are 25-40 usd here on day one, consoles always 60 usd.

BattleAxe1666d ago

I work with someone from the Czech Republic, and they had never even heard of the NES, so consoles probably did start with Playstation for them.

Glak181665d ago


A lot of a young gamers don't realize that earlier consoles were released by different names depending on region. I believe in the Eastern block of Europe it was referred to as Dendy or Dandy. NES is the mostly used casual term, but many know it better as Famicom.

Just an FYI.

hay1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

PS2 was really popular in Poland, and while everyone expected PS3 will take it from there, it's successor was Xbox360 in terms of popularity. It sounds weird, it looks weird, but that's how it happened. Though there was no Playstation prohibition. Poland kicked out communism in 1989 and 90s were pretty much the beginning of free market growth. And as you might imagine, beginnings aren't always easy. Low revenues, high prices, distribution wasn't as lucrative as it is today. Market required humongous investments and patience, CD Project was among first to do that with games. They actually helped the market to grow with professional localisations and distribution. Gaming in Poland wouldn't be the same without them.

Before Playstation there were two SEGA consoles, but with limited distribution they were expensive, and only most popular games were available therefore only chosen few had them, but many people had computers. Before that almost nobody knew about NES, instead there was a Chinese Famicom clone due to strong Russian-Chinese market connections. Since World War 2 until 1989 Poland was pretty much occupied by Russia.

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Bass_fisherman1666d ago

aka introduced to the casuals

AfricanWoolf1666d ago

Strangely, that seems kinda accurate from my South African perspective.

Just happened to be the console that really penetrated the market, deeply. Now there are game-playing folk everywhere.

Just goes to show: use protection, kids. But seriously, PS2 was the start in this here South African's experience.

notachance1666d ago

it's weird only if you are from 1st world country, for example here in south east asia console gaming widely spread only since PS2 era, before that only enthusiasts have consoles.

cd11665d ago

Yea, i didnt really get what he meant by that tbh. Consoles started with the Atari 2600 for me...must be an age thing.

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Relientk771666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Well, The Witcher franchise started on PC and I bet it plays and looks fantastic on PC (not that it doesn't on consoles)

ShadowKnight1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Well said!

Christopher1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

You also have to realize, these are the guys who promote DRM-free stuff like crazy and treat PC gamers really freaking well. I've stopped buying from Steam and have moved almost entirely over to GOG for my PC purchases.

Hoffmann1666d ago

Its just like with Mortal Kombat.

The game was on consoles for the most time and is a typical console fighting game, it never gained much ground on the PC's. Witcher however is more optimized for PC gaming

blitz06231666d ago

Yup which is I bought it on PC despite being primarily a console gamer. I'm sure there are others like me

extermin8or1665d ago

Gotta remember right or wrong drm exists for a reason...

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CoNn3r_B1666d ago

Seeing as only the Witcher 3 is on both consoles I wouldn't really count this as a surprise. That's like saying that most of Halo's sales are on Xbox One when only Halo CE was on PC.

john21666d ago

Well, The Witcher 2 was also available on X360

arkard1666d ago

Years and years after the pc. Wasn't anything close to a simultaneous release.

Griever1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

They are talking about the whole franchise. The first one was not available on consoles. The second one was available on only Xbox 360 and a year after original version released. Only third one released on all platforms simultaneously. No wonder they have sold more on PC overall. However, if we consider just Witcher 3, it has sold more on consoles.

CoNn3r_B1666d ago

@Griever, That is literally what I just said.

Vegamyster1666d ago


"However, if we consider just Witcher 3, it has sold more on consoles."

Using VGchartz & Steamspy

PS4: 3.28 million
Xone: 1.12 million

Steam: 1.43 million

PC did sell more then that since its also DRM free which isn't counted on Steamspy.

extermin8or1665d ago

@vegamyster unless it sold like 3.5million on pc drm free which I do doubt then likely consoles still sold more copies of witcher 3.

Vegamyster1665d ago


Not really fair to combine two separate platform sales to one.

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reallyNow1666d ago

I think it sold more on PC because most of the releases were only on PC or the console versions were released way after. It's no surprise ;-)

awi59511665d ago


They own they have their own games sale store your numbers have huge holes in them. All the real PC witcher fans knows to buy the game off gog so they dont have to cut valve or anyone in on profits. Since steam censored the first witcher which alot of hardcore witcher fans are still mad at them about.

jznrpg1665d ago

I bought thw physical copy, I didnt know the first Witcher was censored on steam, very lame. I loved walking into the taverns, hearing comversations such as "I f*cked a she elf once" or my all time favorite "your mother sucks dwarf c*ck"

Skerries1665d ago

Halo 2 made it to PC as well but you had to have Vista at the time so I don't think it sold well

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Ferrethat221666d ago

Of course it would considering you can get it much cheaper on PC than on consoles.

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