Latest Coleco Chameleon prototype revealed as being potentially fake

Marcus Estrada writes:
"Company figurehead Mike Kennedy promised that they would reveal the truth behind these SNES rumors once the Kickstarter began on February 26. Things became silent on Coleco Chameleon's social channels during that week and the crowdfunding project failed to surface. Instead, they explained the Kickstarter was delayed to make their console "even better" and shared new pictures of the system.

The new photos of the Coleco Chameleon were another prototype in a clear Jaguar shell. Thanks to a photo shot directly from above the system, investigative fans were able to recognize the internal board. Allegedly, it did not turn out to be a custom-designed unit, but the card has been allegedly proven to be a Techwell DVR capture card. This image has since been removed from the Coleco Chameleon Facebook page. "

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Aenea1377d ago

Duh! I never trusted these guys.

The first crowd funding didn't work then they contacted the people who own the name 'Coleco' and made a deal.

Besides, even if it were real what's the point? The retro games can be played on different systems already and the newer games will be Indie games which are already out on PC and consoles as well.

Bismarn1377d ago

This is crossing into Spielberg movie starring Tom Hanks territory.

DivineAssault 1377d ago

It was a SNES taped into a jaguar shell. Thats some BS.. Whoever buys into this will be pretty disappointed.. No exclusive games that cant be put elsewhere and get the attention they need.. Oh well, theyre screwed..