It's about ethics in user reviews - how to get a positive Steam critique of your game for $5

"I'm interested in having you review a Steam game for me," I tell a seller on Fiverr. "Could you send me some sample reviews?" They oblige. Noticing that all their reviews have a thumbs-up accompanying them, I put it bluntly:

"Will the review be positive?"


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SteamPowered1383d ago

The Steam page still tells you if a reviewer has the game and how long they have played it. Then it gets upvoted or downvoted by users on the reviews. Its a great way to weed out phonies and fanboys, and the community does all the work.

crazychris41241382d ago

Its screwed up but if the game sucks then some paid reviewers arent going to stop the game from being bashed and get a negative rating