Quantum Break PC Focusing Even More on IQ Than XB1 With Improved VFX, Shadows & Volumetic Lighting

"Microsoft unleashed a barrage of news on gamers yesterday, when the embargo for the press event in San Francisco expired.
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is out now for PC, even with all its issues; Killer Instinct Season 3 is coming to PC and Xbox One on March 29; Forza 6 Apex will launch this Spring on PC.
However, the crown jewel of Microsoft’s games line-up is still Quantum Break, due on April 5 for PC (Windows 10) and Xbox One. During the event, GamerTag Radio was able to record an interview with Remedy’s Production Director Miloš Jeřábek, who revealed the first details of Quantum Break’s PC version."

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kaiserfranz1380d ago

I still can't believe I will be able to play Quantum Break on my PC with no delay at all!

XhiXExtreme1380d ago

And then comes those butthurt idiots who will wish this away because someone else also gets a chance to play.... hey that rhymed XDDDD

SpeakTruthAlways1380d ago

Dude you should have seen the drama that unfolded on twitter when QB was announced for pc. Lmao!

starchild1380d ago

I'm a big fan of Remedy and I'm pretty confidant that I will enjoy Quantum Break as well.

SniperControl1380d ago

MS still need to sort out the universal app crap before i buy this game on PC, no SLI, always on V-Sync, no FPS counters, no .exe to setup Steam shortcuts.

MS want PC gamers to embrace the windows store, well this isnt the way, these problems should have been sorted before launching two massive titles like TR and QB.

MS games are way to restrictive on PC, all i'am getting is GFWL vibes all over again.

Also while your at it MS, get rid of the need to use the xbox app to play your games, i want to play your games but have no interest what so ever in the xbox app.

SpeakTruthAlways1380d ago

My pc is ready, bring on april 5th.

Can't wait to play in 1440p 60fps :D

Alexious1380d ago

That's if Microsoft fixes the mess called Universal Windows Apps in the meantime...

SniperControl1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Well Said Alexious, as i said above, i'am putting a hold on QB for now, i'll get it as soon as they sort the restrictions on WUA.

LavaLampGoo1380d ago

Sounds good. Quantum Break is one of those games I'm quite interested in. Always loved Remedy.

bggriffiths1380d ago

Still need to find out more about this game. MS haven't really pushed it as much as I thought they would considering it's their main exclusive for a while (PC notwithstanding).

SpeakTruthAlways1380d ago

Good they haven't pushed it that hard, don't wanna repeat halo 5 situation of overhyping and underdelivering.

Alexious1380d ago

Remedy has never disappointed so far, I have faith in them.

Overload1380d ago

Read the previews, alot of them were released yesterday.

odderz1380d ago

Sounds like this game is only getting more and more beautiful - can't wait to see more of it.

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