Don’t Believe the Nintendo NX Hype

Rumors are fun, but don't believe them.

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BigBosss1383d ago

I'll believe the hype when I see the thing

n4g00061382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Then again...what hype?

"developers love it, due to how well it runs Unreal Engine 4 and Android OS games" This should be industry standard, not some mythical development target. Just at look how good vita games running on PS4.

not many people hyping Nintendo's "supplemental computing device", yet when Microsoft said upgrade-able xbox, so many people talks about it.

joab7771382d ago

What hype? Most people are very worried at this point.

mikeslemonade1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

As soon as it's annouced I'm preordering it from Gamestop. Next gen I will have all the systems except Xbox. Exclusives come no matter what for Nintendo. Whether it's 5 or 10 must play games, you still gotta play them.

XisThatKid1381d ago

To respond to the title,
Believe me I don't....

garrettbobbyferguson1381d ago

This. We know next to nothing about it and there is already an article saying "don't believe the hype"??

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3-4-51382d ago

Can't wait for the NX Direct.

ChuckTheIceMan1381d ago

@joab777 agreed, I don't think Nintendo will survive this and make more consoles. They seem to be ignoring everything that could make the NX a huge success and sticking with gimmicky crap again!

Hoffmann1383d ago

I believe it will be another disappointing Nintendo console anyway.

Philface1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Trolls keep on trolling.

Edit: @Highlife: Still a troll comment when not even knowing what the NX will be but claiming it will disappoint.

Highlife1382d ago

Trolling??? Simple opinion I happen to agree with him.

Relientk771383d ago

I'm waiting for Nintendo to reveal the NX and it's games. Then I'll decide the hype for myself

RosweeSon1382d ago

Yeah I don't believe Hype I believe facts and so far there are... Oh there are none hey ho look forward to it as always at least with Nintendo it'll never just be a NES 2, Wii U was about as close as this came to happening but it's always original with Nintendo, keeping the Wii last time was due to the fact you could use all old controllers Wii remotes and games but Nintendo don't just pump out a simple upgrade since the days of old gameboy then Gameboy colour 10 years later, sure they are a bit slow but they always do their own thing and it's always pretty special. Nintendo 1 of a kind.

wonderfulmonkeyman1382d ago ShowReplies(1)
FunkyGoron1382d ago

I am excited for the "NeXt thing from Nintendo"

I definitely got my money's worth out Wii U, have two more Zelda's I'll be able to enjoy still.

Hope there's some surprises today in the Nintendo direct.

Nintendo's games are great, I am always excited for them.

RosweeSon1382d ago

Yeah sure compared to others Wii u is expensive no doubt but those games easily worth the entry price.

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The story is too old to be commented.