Capcom penalizing Rage-Quitters will encourage playing online with responsibility

Joe from GamersFTW writes: Listen, we all get a little bit angry sometimes. It’s understandable; work might be getting a bit too much for you; you might’ve been stuck in traffic for the past hour; you may have come to the slow realization that life is one drawn-out process of accumulating meaningless possession and fleeting moments that will ultimately mean nothing once you die; and you get angry about it. However, there’s no need to be an immature, irresponsible, little twerp about it.

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Maple223066d ago

Rage-quitting is annoying, but I'm not sure penalising players is the way forward. If someone wants to be an ass and do it then surely it is their choice? Better off without them on my team!

blackblades3066d ago

Wow who the bleep agreed with your comment. They should get penalized just like how players in sports get penalized for unsportsmanlike.

Idiedgoodbye3066d ago

I agreed have a problem, do you want to fight virtually?

Idiedgoodbye3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

I play Gears 3 and leave not because of rage but because I'm doing horribly or lagging. I have fun while losing then I quit to preserve my K/D ratio in quick match. I do rage sometimes especially because of rifle stopping power .

blackblades3065d ago

Everyone heard that right.

Joystickero3066d ago

Thank God, I hate those pesky rage-quitters. Even when I'm getting my ass handed to me I always try to finish the match for the other guy or gal's sake!

NotoriousWhiz3064d ago

I don't think rage quitting is a problem. The problem is that rage quitters don't get the loss, and the remaining opponent doesn't get the win. As long as that is resolved, I have no problem with rage quitters.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_083066d ago

Good! they deserve it. Hate Rage-Quitters!

badz1493066d ago

one of the more sensible thing Capcom is doing nowadays. unlike the SFV release!

Theo11303066d ago

Just add a low priority. Longer game queues and only play with Rage quitters like in dota 2.

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Capcom's Latest Shareholder Q&A Is a Terrifying Indictment of Capitalism

Capcom has released its latest shareholder Q&A, and while there are some smart questions in there, you'll find some not-so-smart ones too.

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TheColbertinator4h ago

Capcom is our hero and champion in the gaming industry somehow. Everyone else is straight up Dr Doom


Capcom Has No Plans To Discontinue Availability Of Games Via Physical Media

Capcom has announced that it has no plans to discontinue the availability of its games via physical media.

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shinoff21831d 15h ago

Interesting. Then where the fk are the new moster hunter games , physically in north America. Hell I'd even import but the 2nd game is a digital code. What's up capcom?

VersusDMC1d 4h ago

Obviously they don't mean 100% of their games are going to be physical.

And considering 90% of their sales were digital last year you're lucky they are still releasing physical at all.


Vits14h ago

90% is ridiculously high. I honestly wouldn't blame them if they decided to go fully digital. I still mostly buy physical copies for the PS5, but for Capcom games, I usually opt for the PC version, so my library is completely digital, so I can sort of understand why is so high. But still.

Cacabunga1d 4h ago

I will support them going forward! No physical no buy

CobraKai1d 3h ago

They got my continued support for sure

DarXyde23h ago

I generally agree regarding all games.

But I do make a carve-out for indies that don't have the budget for physical releases

shinoff218312h ago


Whats crazy is indies do a better job releasing physically then games from the bigger publishers.

QuantumMechanic1d 11h ago (Edited 1d 11h ago )

Great news! I'd also like to see their PS VR2 experiences released on physical media.

ravens521d 11h ago

👏🏽👏 27997;👏🏽㈇ 9;🏽. I will continue to purchase their games!