Has Ubisoft created the map in Far Cry Primal based on Far Cry 4?

There are a lot of similarities between the map of Far Cry Primal and Far Cry 4.

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bixxel2586d ago

This is Ubisoft for you.

Aloy-Boyfriend2586d ago

I'm glad I purchased Garden Warfare 2 over this.

Paytaa2586d ago

And where are the people who gave Foxtrot crap for saying what is going on here, which is essentially a re-skin of FC4 for the same price?

Imagine if the next Elder Scrolls comes out and has the same map layout as Skyrim? It would be ripped to shreds on the internet.

This is how Ubisoft values the customers who are willing to spend $60 on their games by taking the easiest route possible to maximize profits.

I like the setting of Primal and was considering biting the bullet and buy it, but things like this remind me why I chose not to support Ubisoft at all this gen.

-Foxtrot2586d ago


Almost 8 times out of 10 I'll say something like this before the game comes out and take a shit load of crap for it, being called negative and the like when really I'm being a realist.

I don't want to be a smug, arrogant prick but come on guys I say stuff because I learn from a company's history and what they are like to then speculate and make a good the end it usually pays off

Too many people try to build up what they HOPE a game is going to be, not what it actually will be.

Primal is basically Far Cry 4: Primal, the Blood Dragon to that game. Instead they knew how many of you were giant suckers and recycled a shit load of stuff to make a cheaper game for full retail price.

Learn guys...learn.

FasterThanFTL12586d ago

I thought everyone knew this already.

Idiedgoodbye2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

Foxtrot needs to replace Michael Pachter as the source of game analysis.

If anyone see's the legend PM him and say thank you! Here is a sketch of the legend in case you've never seen.

Vanfernal2586d ago

Maybe it's the same setting in prehistoric times.

Theparanerds2586d ago

Right, even then who cares the game seems to be different

Poroz2586d ago

Far cry 4 took a shit, and Far Cry Primal came out.

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