Backward Compatibility Is A Long-Term Vision For Xbox

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer spells out the platform's goals for backward and forward compatibility going forward.

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Rookie_Monster1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

The upcoming update with ability to buy X360 BC games on XB1 is a great feature. This will no doubt will entice more publishers to allow more BC titles as they can earn extra profit at no additional effort. I suspect we will see many more x360 titles made BC after the Spring update.

ScorpiusX1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )


So when can we start to see the forward movement to bring OG Xbox games to Xbox one .

1382d ago Replies(1)
KimikoGaming1382d ago

All I need for BC now is Tales of Vesperia, Lost Odyssey, and Fable Anniversary. Everything else I'd want is now either already available via backwards compatibility, or got an HD remake for the Xbox One.

DarkOcelet1382d ago

You forgot...

Blue Dragon
Eternal Sonata
Resonance Of Fate

Three great JRPG Games.

KimikoGaming1382d ago

Out of what you listed, Blue Dragon is the only one that I care about getting BC because I've been meaning to play it.

But the other two are better on PS3 which I have.

ScorpiusX1382d ago

What about Jade Empire , that was a great game .

Concertoine1382d ago

I hope MS' effort pays off financially since it cant be easy to do this.

Death1382d ago

I think they are looking at it as an investment. If Microsoft can add more value to our existing library of games it will be much easier to remain loyal to the platform. They can also shorten a consoles lifecycle effectively if that library can be used on a new piece of hardware.

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