220 PS Store Sales This Week - Include Far Cry 4, Alien Isolation, Resident Evil and many more

Sony PlayStation super sale slashes the cost on over 220 must-own titles and add ons.

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2pacalypsenow1373d ago

Picking up Code veronica X, just finished the Dreamcast version, might as well play it again and get some Trophies.

Hold_It1373d ago


CVX is a great game and is personally my favorite Resident Evil game, but I advise you in skipping out on the PS3 "HD" version of the game. The Dreamcast version had better graphics and lighting, and the PS2 version is very dark in the sense that even using the lighter in the beginning of the game you can still hardly see anything.

You might be better off watching a couple mins of it on Youtube and seeing if you can deal with it before you buy it, just a word of caution.
It's probably the worst version of the game to play.

2pacalypsenow1372d ago

Will do thanks for the heads up

AG66861373d ago

220 savings... Shows 10.. Useless