Microsoft Is Not Anticipating Xbox One Will Support VR

According to Phil Spencer, living room VR is not a priority for Microsoft at this time.

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_-EDMIX-_1377d ago

They might be waiting to see how it plays out for Facebook and Sony before entering and also seeing of Hololens could be that later down the road.

To make a VR headset now might take away focus on Hololens in regards to MS hoping for gamers to buy it. They are correct to play a wait and see as their situation is a bit unique currently.

Might see one from them with XNEXT.

ArchangelMike1377d ago

Yeah, Microsoft is investing in Holo lens, and it is smart to keep focused and not jump to new developments just because it is what the competition are doing. However in this case, I think Microsoft are betting on the wrong horse when it comes to VR vs AR.

MachuchalBrotha3161377d ago

Not really. Hololens seems to better device for more real world applications. VR is very limited as you cant walk around with it.

rainslacker1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Yeah, them not jumping in early, or bowing out early has helped them so well in the past to keep up with modern times and user habits./s

Truth is, MS really has no stake in VR. They can just jump in when they're ready with software support, make more money, and not have to bother with the expensive and risky hardware side of things.

ScorpiusX1377d ago

plus they have Partnerships w/ Rift & Vive , so their there just not full checkbook there. lol

Fatal-Aim1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Microsoft is not anticipating a VR headset because they don't have one to present. They don't have one to present because they never prepared for one. Simple. Its not rocket science. They were banking on VR getting about as much attention as motion controls, so they put all their eggs in AR/Hololens just like they did with HD DVD to BluRay. They didn't see it as a serious war to get into until everyone started jumping in it. Then they realized they had made a mistake but it was too late to react.

ScorpiusX1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Like I've stated elsewhere do you believe that a company with 9.5 billion dollar R&D budget . That they don't have some ten man team working on some kind of VR device in Redmond or elsewhere.

MachuchalBrotha3161377d ago

You'd be foolish to believe MS doesnt have some VR tech in R&D. Especially with all the computer tech and software they deal with. Just maybe not anything to do with gaming.

rainslacker1377d ago

I remember when they didn't think people would ditch the PC in favor of mobile devices, or give up their CD's for a portable download solution. Good times.

G20WLY1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

So this confirms that Oculus Rift won't have playable games on Xbox, right?

EDIT: Thanks Bizzel

ABizzel11377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

That's been confirmed for a while now.

Oculus is only being used as a viewer for XBO kind of like Gear VR for Samsung phones (although Gear VR does run very basic games). At best we'll get XBO arcade games with Oculus VR patches in the future, but as far as AAA games go, Oculus will not be support on XBO, it's tech specs are just far too demanding for either of the consoles, which is why Sony went with Reprojection for PSVR.

Charybdis1377d ago

When they posed the question to Luckey about whether more features could be on the way to Xbox One by way of Oculus, he wan't quite as verbose. Luckey simply laughed and said nothing more than, "Maybe?

TheCommentator1377d ago

Irides. The cloud will make VR through OR a reality on XB1 if MS chooses to adopt it, it's that simple.

Fishy Fingers1377d ago

Really no need to invest the time and money at this point. Let the others foot the bill and see if it's a commercial success, if it gains traction they can cater to it with their next console.

VR will be niche for a few years at best so there is no real problem playing the waiting game.

MasterCornholio1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Well the only danger with that is if they enter too late into the game.

There are risks with waiting as well. If you want my opinion I believe Sony got the jump on Microsoft where VR is concerned. Even if Microsoft were to release a VR solution now they are nowhere near as prepared as Sony is.

That could be the real reason why they will wait it out.

ArchangelMike1377d ago

And that will be another reason why they will lose this gen, if they haven't already.

Fishy Fingers1377d ago

I can't see that being a few years behind on the VR scene will be a determining factor over who 'wins' next gen. VR will be the niche alternative to traditional gaming for the foreseeable future.

There's also no secret sauce to VR, most of the pioneers have been incredibly open with the hardware and software, MS could easily play 'catch up'. I'd wager they've been playing with the tech in R&D stages as long as anyone else has.

ABizzel11377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

I completely understand where you were going, and unfortunately MS has no choice but to go that route.

However, the problem with that is if Sony (their only direction competition in console VR) succeeds and blows up the VR scene, then PS5 is the automatic lead platform in VR Day 1 in marketshare if PSVR is backwards compatible (which would be stupid of Sony not to make it), and mindshare.

On top of that, it also give Sony 2 - 4 years (2018 / 2020 whenever PS5 launches), to make an even better VR product as well as include AR into it to completely topple any chance MS has at gaining a large footprint in the market. Sony will already have build VR studios, have relations with the majority of VR 3rd party developers, have the larger VR install base, and the VR battle will be PS4 vs XBO all over again.

But as you kind of said at this point there's really nothing MS can do unfortunately. There's a rumor that they're trying to make HoloLens AR/VR capable, which would be a big win for them on the technological front, and fans of their platform will pick up an Xbox and possibly HoloLens regardless, but overall if PSVR is even a modest success then PS has the VR title going forward. If PSVR flops then MS possible dodged a bullet and can try AR if HoloLens is priced dramatically less (I'm talking 6x less than the dev price, because in 2 - 4 years HoloLens could still legitimately launch at $999). Meanwhile PSVR model 1 could be as low as $199 - $299 in 2 - 4 years, and a wireless VR/AR headset could launch for $499 with PS5.

ThePope1377d ago

I think you are vastly overstating the VR situation. If VR launched TODAY even at that super low price which is highly unlikely. It will be 3 to 5 years before things ramp up to mass market level. Look at it this way. Developers need 3+ years with new hardware to make regular video games. Now try to create an entire VR experience. Assuming it takes off. To many variables.

Let's say it does take off this is the technology world. MS get to see what doesn't work with both PSVR and Oculus and and come up with a devise that is better or equal to the NEXT GEN VR. And multi plat developers will need to make for multiple systems even more than they do today as for the foreseeable future the install base will be small. They aren't without money going to give lead to any one product.

Look I get it you're very excited for the PSVR and are a fan of Sony in general but you may want to temper your expectations or see them dashed pretty hard.

ScorpiusX1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

WOW , that's a lot of Speculation

ABizzel11377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )


And that 3 - 5 years is the wrap up to the current generation of consoles, again allowing Sony to enter the next generation with the title of go to VR console.

There's learning from others experiences which MS is sure to do, but there's also building from personal experience which offers significant advantages. You can build a plan from the outside, however, you can maximize potential and prepare for counter-productivity issues as well when you already have 3 - 5 years of experience dealing with an issue or in this case technology. Someone who is brand new isn't going to have more knowledge or insight of a job you've been working on, and it's the same situation with Sony and MS. MS will more than likely have the AR advantage next-gen, but Sony has the VR advantage both this gen and next, and VR partnerships, and VR relations with VR content creators.

And you finish up your comment with ignorance simply because you have nothing of actual value or substance to add to the discussion outside of MS will learn from others and try to capitalize off the work/success of the other VR manufacturers. Ask the majority of late comers in the technology-manufacturing field how that works outs for them in the last decade alone.

It's nothing but a huge struggle to make-up ground one an established leader has already been made and it takes YEARS if not a decade+ for a shift to occur (for example Apple with the iPhone).

You're misguided if you think being 3 - 5 years late to a tech party is easily overcome with an established fanbase across multiple other devices. My expectations for PSVR are highly tempered as I fell it's going to be around 10m units sold in those 3 - 5 years, or 20m tops even if they manage to get price as low as $299 at launch.

The problem is that's a 10m install base on PS4 and more than likely PS5 as well, vs. an install base of 0 on Xbox. Who are VR developers going to prioritize content for PS. And that's where MS problem lies playing the wait and see game.

If VR is a success over the next few years when prices drop to a more consumer friendly level on both PS4 / PC, then MS is late to the party and they're entering the VR field dead last, with a VR install base of 0, and significantly smaller install base as far as console market share goes.

The only winning position they're in is if VR fails, then they have the lead and opportunity to push AR as the future since they're ahead in that field. The problem is both Sony and Nintendo have been developer AR tools for a while now too on their handhelds, so while they're behind MS's showings they're not completely aloof to the realm of AR.

Finally you of all people have the nerve to try and label anyone is pure comedy.

ThePope1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )


"Ask the majority of late comers in the technology-manufacturing field how that works outs for them in the last decade alone."

Samsung says hi! They literally took what Apple did and did their version of it. They even go sued for it. IF you enter the tech department late, yet do it with a great product people will buy it they don't care.

"...and significantly smaller install base as far as console market share goes."

Xbox 360 says hi! It showed the Sony "faithful" are not as faithful as they appear. Xbox does not have a "significantly smaller install base" to begin with, nor would it if they had to add VR to the NEXT box.

"The problem is both Sony and Nintendo have been developer AR tools for a while now too on their handhelds, so while they're behind MS's showings they're not completely aloof to the realm of AR."

SO MS is in a lose, lose situation? I mean they have AR but if its the winner it doesn't matter as Sony and Nintendo have it too lol. You act as if VR is a success MS is going to be like "VR, what's that??" and then stumble around taping phones to their face. MS is one of the largest companies in the world with some of the smartest hardware people working for them. The X1 and its controller is some of the best built, and quietest hardware around, and don't even get me started on The Surface.

MS is in the PC business as well as have some ties with Oculus, you know that right? They know what VR is and aren't sitting on their hands. They maybe on the sidelines but all they have to do it put their helmet on and they're in the game.

Finally, I didn't say anything negative about you. All I said was you clearly LOVE Sony and its VR. That's all well and good, but your expectation for its success is tempered in no way shape or form.

ABizzel11377d ago

Samsung got it's success from mergers, exclusive corporate contracts, and eventually made it's way to consumer products and being in EVERY SINGLE Industry from electronics, to appliances, and even toothbrushes.

As far as mobile goes, Samsung entered the mobile industry during the time of the smartphone where the majority of companies took the same route Microsoft is doing with VR, and waited which allowed Apple to dominate the entire market, and allowed Samsung to dominate the Android market. Goodbye to your Samsung analogy, it explains exactly why taking initiative is beneficial, and perfectly compliments high risk vs high rewards.

lol, at the the Xbox 360 comment, since it has nothing to do with this, all I will say is yet the PS3 still went on to outsell it globally in all buy NA.

"SO MS is in a lose, lose situation?"

And this is why you don't debate on forums ladies and gentlemen and expect to have intelligent and educated responses, because people will dip, duck, and dodge they go completely into left field and pull out whatever they can for the sake of trying in vain to prove their point.

Please show me where I SPECIFICALLY said it was a lose-lose situation for MS.

I said, "The only winning position they're in is if VR fails, then they have the lead and opportunity to push AR as the future SINCE THEY'RE AHEAD IN THAT FIELD."

The point being that MS is ahead of Sony and Nintendo as far as advancing AR, however, Sony and Nintendo have been developing and experimenting with AR for multiple generations now, but your face in firmly planted in MS rear that you can see anything outside of the green in there.

Sony had EyePet AR on PSP, PS Vita comes with AR cards and games, and the Sony Z3 AR camera has built in AR.

Nintendo's DS had AR games, the 3DS has AR games, and the NX is already rumored to have a big focus on AR as well.

The difference is MS is further along in the AR development, and they already have a AR headset built and ready to go to developers.... for $3,000.

And as far as VR goes for MS, the Samsung analogy above still applies.

ABizzel11377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

"MS is one of the largest companies in the world with some of the smartest hardware people working for them."

And technologically/consumer-wise they've been behind in every consumer electronics endeavor they've tried to pitch their hardware in.

"The X1 and its controller is some of the best built, and quietest hardware around,"

The XBO is a good console, I've said it plenty of times, the problem is it's the only successful hardware brand that MS has.

"and don't even get me started on The Surface."

Which would be a good product if you couldn't buy a laptop or netbook that offers better specs and performance in almost every area, and for several hundred less.

MS ties to Oculus extend to the fact that they're putting their controller in the Oculus Rift bundle, and as I said it's possible for them to make a VR headset, the problem is when it comes to console VR Sony is already a generation ahead of them, just like Xbox was a generation ahead of Sony when it came to online gaming. PS is in a much better position in the online space then they were, but it took them YEARS to catch up. MS VR1, is going to have a hard time getting the same recognition and more than likely sales and marketshare as Sony's VR2 due to their prior VR1 headset. That's all I was saying. You made it a bigger issue than it ever needed to be.

And that's where you're wrong. I don't love Sony or any of these other companies. My loyalty as a consumer is to no one, but myself. I've been critical of all VR in the areas where I feel they need improvement especially PSVR and Oculus since I've tried both several times now (and HoloLens for that matter, but only tried it once). Based on my experience, the experience of others who were at these demo sessions, and consumer interest VR1 is not going to blow up, but showing platforms : best selling VR headset ratio is currently in Sony's favor if PSVR is priced right.

Gear VR's will be free with every Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge that's bought within the first month of release so that should be millions of VR headsets in homes. PSVR is launching to a +40m PS4 install base and growing exponentially, just 10% of the install base would be 4m PSVR's sold.

And after seeing future VR content, how things like how MLSports will allow you to watch the entire game from the sidelines, how you can take virtual tours of your planned vacation and even look at hotel rooms, how you can watch movies as if you're right in the middle of the scene (this is going to be a long way off IMO), and VR gaming, it's safe to say VR is going to be forced on consumers, and Sony, Oculus (Facebook), and Samsung are the frontrunners in the VR space, just like Apple & Samsung were with Smartphones.

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MasterCornholio1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

So what will Oculus do with X1?

I mean after showing off that demo there must be some sort of plan for Oculus on X1.

ABizzel11377d ago

View content in big screen mode.

G20WLY1377d ago

See Bizzel's reply to me above. It seems it won't do games, just act as a 'viewer', essentially just strapping a TV to your head.

Hate to say it, but for MS to get involved with Oculus at such a weak level reeks of 'me too! We have VR too, LOOK!"

Either building their own or skipping VR altogether would be far better for them, from a dignity standpoint, in my opinion.

frankdrebin721377d ago

"from a dignity standpoint, in my opinion"

Your opinion matters not to Microsoft on such matters.
Heck your opinion dosent matter to a lot of people, yet you can have your opinion like us all.
Now the funny part..Dignity..
I am sorry but to spout such an idealistic approach in life on here of all places is comedy genius at best.
ITs NO SLUR to you, after all we can all have opinions but the dignity part on here of all

If you honestly think that the wait and see approach determines if one has dignity especially in business, then I am sorry but business is business,..ALL companies,Sony, Micro, Apple, Samsung etc etc are all guilty of doing the same approach at some time.

G20WLY1377d ago

^Well...thank you for your reply. I guess. X^D

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