Microsoft Corporation's Ambitions for Windows 10 May Hurt Xbox in the Long Run

TCC: As more and more Xbox exclusives gradually appear on PC, there is destined to be a lack of interest towards the console and a momentum shift towards the PC within Microsoft's own ecosystem

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Free_Fro1383d ago

So long as there are millions who would rather game on a console, like me... how?


Maltaze1383d ago

I think if you can get the same on your PC and also with Xbox controller support to boot coupled with SSDs removing the very advantage that consoles have - quick boot and no-nonsense launches plus the entire Xbox catalog, one would only go for a PS4 and a PC. The article's actual title: "Microsoft Corporation's Windows 10 Vision May Cannibalize the Xbox in the Long Run" reflects this far more bluntly.

Abash1382d ago

"how? "

PC gaming is growing fast.... the would be games to buy an Xbox One for are available on PC.... do the math

Crimzon1382d ago

If games being on PC hurt console sales then nobody would have bought a PS4 or an XB1 over the holidays because all the big titles such as Black Ops 3, Battlefront, Fallout 4 etc. are all available on PC and have many advantages over the console versions.

The simple fact of the matter is that much like the handheld and mobile markets, the PC market is entirely separate from the console market and games being available on PC doesn't hurt console sales at all. That's why both Microsoft & Sony are putting so many of their "exclusives" on PC as well, because they know it doesn't hurt sales and is easy money.

Goldby1382d ago

it isnt a discussion of games being on a pc hurting console sales. its games on pc hurting xbox sales.

if all MS exclusive games end up on PC then there isnt a point to buy an xbox. and people will end up with a PS4/PC combo

4Sh0w1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

From the article:

"You might argue that any potential customers lost on Xbox will tuto Windows, which is again owned by Microsoft, so it’s a win-win situation for them. While that is true, the bigger picture is that Xbox might no longer have the kind of strong position the predecessors had in the console space."

-Well why should that concern the gamer? = Xbox fans/ console lovers/ casuals who can't afford a high end pc will continue to buy Xbox consoles to play the games they can't play on ps4 or wii u. If Xbox exclusive games were going to ps4 then those hoping that Xbox hardware continues should get worried, we all know that's not gonna happen at least as far as I can tell in so Xbox brand will do fine, will it outsell future ps consoles, probably not but that should only concern fanboys....gamers don't get paid for individual hardware sales.

Fatal-Aim1382d ago

Ok, Microsoft said that by pre-ordering an XB1 game digitally, you get the PC game for free.

I'm still trying to figure out how this will work for 3rd party because it seems like someone will be losing.

ScorpiusX1382d ago

Not for me i still will prefer the Plug & Play of the console

Crimzon1382d ago


"it isnt a discussion of games being on a pc hurting console sales. its games on pc hurting xbox sales."

They're literally the exact same thing... Or are you trying to pretend that the Xbox One is not a console?

GameNameFame1382d ago


You dont need high end PC to out perform.

$500 PC beats Xbox One in performance and graphics and you can do so much more than just game.

PC gaming market is ~120 million units. Last 2 year sales of discrete GPU from Nvidia was over 100 million units.

Meaning PC market is huge and many gamers already have capable PC. So why would they buy Xbox? They can play all those favorite games.

If they want "console experience" like you said, they will get PS4 for its exclusives.

4Sh0w1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

You say a $500 pc is all you need, sure if you're really into pc gaming and know how to build the right rig with heavily discounted hardware maybe but as I look around I don't see most folks with a $500 dollar pc being suited to run Qauntum Break.

You say pc gaming market is 120 mil strong, but what does that have to do with selling consoles, take 1 look all the big budget AAA 3rd party and console exclusives that are also launch on pc and time and time again consoles dominate its pc version sales, COD the most played game makes it bread and butter off of consoles and the list goes on, Why is that????? Furthermore track big launches of X1/pc games like Titanfall for example(plenty more) and you will see the X1 version in most cases dominates pc version sales, so pc is not threatening X1's existence because most gamers either prefer the console or just know it's the cheapest way to game with great quality for the cost= all this while knowing pc offers the best specs.

"If they want "console experience" like you said, they will get PS4 for its exclusives."

-lol, I didn't say that. Now if you had said ps4 + pc is a better option to play ps4, pc and *most X1 games well then a legitimate case could be made depending on preference but the FACT is If I want a console experience the only CONSOLE that will allow me to play QB and of course ALL of X1 games past, present and future games is X1.

-I really don't get what's so hard to understand, there are a small segment that will opt not to buy an X1 and got with ps + pc but that leaves plenty of room for a large base of hardcore Xbox fans, console lovers and casual gamers that either will buy a ps4 + X1 or just an X1 to play well....ding, ding, ding, yep you guess it Xbox games of course.

GameNameFame1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )


That is down right cringe worthy. Knowing just what to build? heavy discount?

Lol. dude clearly you know nothing of building PC.

You do realize that once MS makes Xbox non fixed hardware, it is going to get worse. Xbox will lose its cost efficiency from having fixed hardware.

Meaning PC will beat cost AND performance.

"X1 to play well....ding, ding, ding, yep you guess it Xbox games of course."

Or get a PC... cause you can do so much with it and xbox will lose all the console benefits.

Ding ding ding.

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Dark_Crow1382d ago

Lets stop this stupid articles.
The reality is it will only hurt fanboys who have created the whole console war bullshit.

Only they suffer. no one else.
Console gamers will stay on console. Pc gamers will continue to stay on pc. And many will own multiple if not all.

This only may affect the people that would normally get both consoles. Which is very few.

FallenAngel19841383d ago

If a gamer wouldn't create a PC to game on before these announcements, I doubt they would start now. People still find consoles appealing for their ease of use and streamlined approach.

gangsta_red1382d ago

This is what I don't understand. All of a sudden people are running out and buying PC's now for Xbox One games?

If they weren't running out before for an X1 why would they run out now for a PC?

Not everyone games on PC, for those people, theirs Xbox.

Some people game on PC and were on the fence about getting an Xbox One, MS has solved that problem by putting their games on Win10.

Pogmathoin1382d ago

Stop talking sense guys.

4Sh0w1382d ago

gangsta_red + Well said.

badz1491382d ago


"This is what I don't understand. All of a sudden people are running out and buying PC's now for Xbox One games? "

you might be talking sense here but a possible situation might be some thing like this;

console gamers stick with consoles because games they want to play are on consoles and not coming to PC. it's not that they don't want to play on PC, but the games they want are not on it!

now, with those games coming to PC as well, day and date, and with MS' push with Win10, isn't now more appealing than ever for them to just buy or build a PC to play games previously they can only play on consoles? Win10 is free and so does XBL on PC unlike on Xbone! and then there are existing alternatives already available on PC in the form of Steam. if you like EA games, all of them are on Origin, similarly priced and some times cheaper and EA access is now on PC too in the form of Origin Access. and from there onward, ones become a PC gamer! so...can't you see how this decision of MS can affect the Xbone as a console?

I'm not just making this up to spice up a story. this is how my once a non-gamer friend turned into a PC enthusiast and gamer! Steam changes people!

Bathyj1382d ago

Can we acknowledge a couple of things.

No one that only games on PS4 is going to rush out and build a PC because of Quantic Dream.

But also, no one that games on PC is going to buy an Xbox for that game either.

Lots of games have PS4 and PC. None of them are going to get a XB if all their games are going to PC. PS4/PC combo seems to cover most of the bases now.

You said it yourself. Anyone on the fence that had a PC and was thinking about Xbox will not get one because MS is sending the message theres no reason to get one.

Me, I dont game on PC and Im still getting an Xbox for Quantic Dream, so its still possible to win over console only gamers. But pretending losing all their exclusives to PC and cutting out a potential demographic is not hurting Xbox the console is sticking your head in the sand.

MICROSOFT will be fine. XBOX will not. This feels to me like MS already has one foot out the door. If you guys are fine with that, so be it, my Xbox will only be a machine I play games I cant get on PS4 on anyway.

gangsta_red1382d ago


"Me, I dont game on PC and Im still getting an Xbox for Quantic Dream..."

And this is where having two options comes in play. There are many, many people who also feel this way. There are a lot of people who don't game on PC they rely on consoles.

Kids and teenagers would be the target of consoles and even adults like me who hardly if ever game on PC would settle for a console.

So no one is sticking their head in the sand as you put it. Many exclusives on the Xbox system has gone to PC and yet the Xbox has still sold successfully so I find it strange that all of a sudden with QB and possibly all other exclusives being released simultaneously on PC and Xbox all of a sudden Xbox loses it's appeal.

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Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1382d ago

There are MILLIONS of people that don't have a gaming rig to play PC games, and the Xbox One is a cheap gaming solution to play those same games MS speaks about. Plus being able to play on your Xbox and go to PC, or vice a versa, is a plus with cross saves and whatnot. Xbox still has a place in the gaming world, and the bridging it with PC is a good thing, especially for MS who has more people to make game for now.

Gwiz1382d ago

When Microsoft really thinks about a healthy console environment I agree.It's probably already too late as they put alot of trust in Windows10 and that delivering a closed environment to an open platform that people have been familiar with for decades.

I think this is going to be really bad for them,they should rearrange the whole Xbox approach towards console exclusivity again and make sure there's something to gain from both sides.What's the point of taking their commitment towards the PC platform seriously?

I see your point of a console having that low decent bang for your buck incentive,but there should be more attention to " what else " and really entice people to buy a system.With that being said,i still stand by my previous predictions that these consoles in general will stop selling at some point.

I think Phil Spencer is actually betting on that,hardware evolves everywhere but a console and that makes them focus on PC a little more (among other serious reasons).

Erik73571382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Look heres the deal:

Microsoft is focusing more on software than hardware now and right now sony is kicking their ass in consoles sales and they arw pooring BILLIONS into Xbox with little profit when they could put BILLIONS into windows with a lot of profit....get the picture yet? They want windows 10 to be on every pc and they make a lot more money through selling software rather than a xbox. Now people say that people still wanna play on console. Yes that is true but WE HAVE SONY AND NINTENDO FOR THAT....thats what micraoft sees so thats why they are not to heatbroken about going away from console business because its not even profitable and they arent even doing well compared to competetiors. Thats why microaoft is getting away from console and going towards pc.......they lost the console market and not only that its a waste of money to them because they could put money into something else and make WAY more money than on xbox....

Disagree with it whatever been in denial, I told everyone more than a year ago this would happen and no one wanted to believe me but look at it now.

maybelovehate1382d ago

I think it will help Xbox most definitely. Options are king!

Tsunade1382d ago

Just like DRM and always online helped xbox. Options are king!

Oh wait!!!

Dark_Crow1382d ago

Always online wasn't an option. Sooo.

maybelovehate1382d ago

You remember when Sony snuck DRM Rootkits on CD's and got a class action lawsuit? Probably the biggest DRM blunder of all time.

polymacon1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

It may help Xbox brand. More Indie and Asia,Europe(Xbox is not selling well enough or at all) Developers might bring their games to Windows 10 store which can easily be ported to Xbox One.

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