No Man's Sky is too expensive, and other conclusions from the Video Game Lizard Brain

VideoGamer: "A look at the peculiar thought processes of some of the video game buying public."

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ThunderPulse1376d ago

$60 becomes $90 in other countries so yeah its too expensive.

LordMaim1376d ago

Alternately you could look at this way: The price hasn't been announced yet, so maybe we're jumping the gun.

samden1376d ago

Then all games are too expensive

iceman061375d ago

If that's the case, then that's what they are used to paying for a standard game anyway.

ThunderPulse1375d ago

Not when 2 years ago it was $60.

Free_Fro1376d ago

I guess I'll play the waiting game with this one..

I don't know enough of what's on offer to drop £40 on this.

hella nawh


JMaine5181376d ago

Value is in the wallet of the consumer. I can list many games I've played that weren't worth $60 or worth even more. That's a gamble you have to be willing to take based of the information you know before buying. I'm still interested in No Man's Sky at $60

_-EDMIX-_1376d ago

Agreed. No Man Sky is easily a day 1 for me even at full price as I feel the concept is worth full price.

Folks need to stop putting a price on games based on the perception of the team.

If Sony was publishing this and it was one of their top teams doing it....the price wouldn't be questioned.

If MS was doing this and 343 was would not be questioned, suddenly its by a small team that is self publishing and suddenly it should be full price.


Remedy made Max Payne out of a team of 11 developers and prior to Rockstar seeking to publish, they had no publisher.

So if they released that game years ago by themselves, it shouldn't be full priced? never mind that the damn game is a full game and deserving of its price, but a big name next to it suddenly means its full price worthy?

Immorals1376d ago

But a high price tag like that would put off a lot of people. Then again, people were happy to spend that much on the battlefront season pass :/

iceman061375d ago

True. But, high price is such a subjective thing. Just like the concept of value. Those that value the excitement of the experience will dive in head first. Those that don't will either wait or won't purchase it at all.
In the end, the publisher can only do so much without losing out. All that they can do is set a price and let the market sort it out.

generic-user-name1376d ago

It has infinite content, I'm not sure 60 is too much for a game with infinite content.

detroitmademe1376d ago

I get that it has an infinite amount of planets to explore but will the gameplay mechanics be fun and interesting enough for the long haul? That's the question I have about this game

generic-user-name1376d ago

Well, personally, I don't care about the combat and trading aspects, I just want to go explore as many planets as I can and my goal will be to try and discover the strangest creatures in the universe.

For explorophiles like me, 60 is fine.

samden1376d ago

@generic-user-name: everybody I have talked to is looking forward to this game for the very same reason. I think the game will do fine upon release. I know I'm excited :D

iceman061375d ago

The same thing can be said for just about every new IP. You really won't know until you play. Even then, fun is so subjective that some will love it while others won't. It's kind of a circular argument. You gotta play to see if it's fun. But, you don't want to spend the money if it's not going to be fun. This is why the demise of game demos is big issue for some gamers.

mamotte1376d ago

This is the dark side of the hype train

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The story is too old to be commented.