The New Open World Dinosaur Survival Game Crynosaurs Tech Demo Gameplay

THE NEW OPEN WORLD DINOSAUR SURVIVAL GAME! Crynosaurs Tech Demo Gameplay Walkthrough

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DarkOcelet1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Looks much more interesting than Far Cry Primal.

Adexus1381d ago

It really doesn't to me, it looks like any other unfinished early access survival game featuring dinosaurs.

DarkOcelet1381d ago

It a tech demo. The game still have a long way to go.

Adexus1380d ago

Yeeeeah but I've heard that same excuse for every early access survival game, hell I used it myself for H1Z1 and the progress is always so damn slow that it's not even worth putting on my radar, this is just from past experience however, if this ends up being great I'll eat my hat! Haha

nicholebyersWhe1381d ago

Dinosaur games are always interesting for me

Pastorfuzz1381d ago

Looks cool. The guy in the demo needs a targeting reticle though!

KurtRussell1380d ago

Man, i can't stand listening to this guy, literally. Don't know why, but it's unbearable lol. Shame, cuz he can have some interesting stuff on his channel.