Dream Theater's Making A Game: Here's 5 Albums That Could Do It Too

Doc Watson from GamersFTW writes: "So Dream Theater is releasing a game based around their new album, The Astonishing. It is pretty cool to see a different medium adapt and make the jump over to the video game format, but it got me thinking: are there other games that could survive the jump? I found five that could not only survive, but might even succeed in the video game format."

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c00lvilKid691383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

I always thought Linkin Park’s music video for Breaking The Habit would have made a cool manga/anime adaption, and I suppose a game too, now that you mention it. A lot of their music shouldn’t have even been put on an album though, let alone a game.

mrmacw1383d ago

Intrigued to see what becomes of this. Sounds like a weird idea - and games of films often end up a bit lame. Fun though!

Joystickero1383d ago

Interesting topic to write about, never figured gaming and music albums would be related

1383d ago
Shillmeister1382d ago

RUSH - 2112!! Can't see how this was missed from the list! :O Still a good list though (y)