Dark Souls 3: Miyazaki explains the difference between “difficult” and “unreasonable”

The Dark Souls creator talks storyline, challenge, character builds and more.

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Pastorfuzz1377d ago

I first started console gaming on the PS2.
Went out and got Contra Shattered Soldier for it.
I can't count how many times I got my butt handed to me in that.
At that time, I thought the difficulty was unreasonable until I got used to using the gamepad. I stayed with it and eventually beat it.
Just saying folks, some games are tough at first but stay with it and the feeling of beating these type of games will give you a great feeling.

Forn1377d ago

Thank God that some devs aren't following modern trends and are continuing to create stand-out games for hardcore gamers. LOVE the Souls series, and feel as though somehow I will love DS3 even more than previous entries.

DivineAssault 1376d ago

Yes, trial and error like it used to be.. Games are so simplistic now that its not even rewarding to complete.. Going into these games with nobody telling you where to go is such a treat.. Everywhere you go could be dangerous and every enemy must be killed with precision and skill..

Nothing gets my heart pounding like having to fight a boss with no save points in the area.. Nothing makes me want to explore every inch of terrain i cross like this.. Huge beasts that scare the hell out of you even if they arent bosses..

Forn1376d ago

Exactly, you just get lost in it. So many secrets around every turn. They just throw you into this incredibly deep, challenging world and say 'figure it out.' I love it.