Gaming experts predict next Call of Duty will be 'Multiplayer-only experience'

Call Of Duty bosses may be secretly plotting a multiplayer-only new game in the shooter franchise.

Industry insiders believe a recent two week PC-only 'starter pack' for Black Ops 3 was actually a quiet test of a new game model.

One where you get all the multiplayer gaming of a classic Call of Duty but no offline story campaign or zombies modes.

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1379d ago Replies(1)
KyRo1379d ago

They got given three years to make a cod game now so if anything we should be getting more content, not less. BO3 was packed with content. That should be the standard going forward.

sprinterboy1379d ago

Wasnt ww2 mentioned with cod, huge loss in that era if they have left campaign out

Majin-vegeta1379d ago

Theyll probably have two versions.

MP only for a cheaper price or yoh can still buy the full package for regular price like always.

shinrock1378d ago

Options! That sounds good to me.

Clown_Syndr0me1379d ago

Rubbish. Unless it's released at £25 this wouldn't go down well with the fans.

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