Xbox’s Phil Spencer on E3, JRPGs, and the Future of Xbox

As Head of Xbox Phil Spencer talks more about unifying Windows 10 and Xbox gaming, Microsoft’s goals for players have to adapt. While Microsoft’s plans for E3 remain focused on games, Spencer has greater goals than getting more games on Microsoft’s platforms.

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Herbalistic1382d ago

The Xbox won't really get any JRPGs outside of huge ones like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts..The user base on that console aren't really into them.

Gaming4Life19811382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

It's plenty of jrpg fans on Xbox lol. I never understood why people say that. Lost oddesyye, blue dragon, even star ocean on x360 (which sucked), tales of vesperia etc all did well.

I used to love jrpg's but lately the ones I've been playing on my ps vita have been mediocre at best. I do want to play some of the ones I've seen trailers too like star ocean but most of them just don't look that good. I'll buy them if their good though, a good game is a good game in my eyes.

Ms needs to bring back crimson skies, I think it's about time.

gif1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

''Lost oddesyye, blue dragon, even star ocean on x360 (which sucked), tales of vesperia etc all did well.''

Incorrect.Didn't sell well.

nommers1382d ago

There are very very few JRPG fans on any Xbox console. FF Type 0 on PS4 sold 10 times more than the X1 version, and if you think it's just JRPGs, MGS5 had a much higher sales ratio on the PS4 as well. Japanese exclusives on a Microsoft system have always left a bad taste in the developer's mouth. I'm almost certain Scalebound will suffer a similar fate. Phantom Dust was canned just fyi.

rainslacker1381d ago

If JRPGs are actually a concern, PS4 gets more of them in a year than the 360 had in it's entire lifetime. This year has more JRPG's on the PS4 than the entirety of Xbox's history.

Sony's new tagline should be "PS4 has the best line up of JRPG's this year in Xbox history".

Gaming4Life19811381d ago

@ rainslacker

ps4 is a japanese company so of course ps gets more. He was saying that xbox users dont like jrpg's which was bulshit.

gif said check the sales and i did and they all sold well.

stop hating on xbox and realize that gamers are gamers please.

rainslacker1381d ago

I was replying to you, so what gif said is rather inconsequential. My only point is if people actually care about JRPG's then they're going to probably go to the console that actually has more of them, which would be PS3/4/Vita/3DS...although I didn't elaborate on the latter ones. 360 had some good JRPG's, I won't deny that, but as far as quantity, quality, and variety goes, the PS brand always had more.

The last part of my comment was more to mock MS for their copious amount of uninspired superlatives in their marketing campaigns. Just because I mock them, doesn't mean I hate them, or the Xbox, nor is it a dismissal of their game's worth.

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candystop1382d ago

People act as if role playing games started in Japan or something. I'm from the D&D Era (1970's) and I'm guessing the same for many of the older Xbox gamers. I can tell you we love RPG games as well and shouldn't be penalized because Xbox has better exclusive shooters and racers on its console.

TheLyonKing1382d ago

They are talking about jrpgs here and as for better shooters and racers is all a matter of opinion. I prefer gt over forza for instance.

Shame that people who own an xbox in Japan won't get to play ffxv abd kh 3 though :/

rainslacker1381d ago

One can't deny that it's a desired genre among some gamers though. The fact many base their decision on what console to get because of them is proof enough of that.

I don't think anyone is stating that JRPG can be credited for starting the RPG genre, just that there are a lot of JRPG's which have been fairly influential and critically praised throughout the years, and for PS, it's often a mark of pride that it had so many both in quality and quantity.

ABizzel11382d ago


I agree only the big AAA JRPGs that sell good in the west will likely grace XBO this gen, and the ones MS pays exclusivity for. But at this point even those big JRPGs are questionable, considering PS4 is pretty much killing it globally so there's really no need for JRPG's on the XBO at all.

I see XBO more as a testing grounds for JRPGs this year, if a single big name game barely covers porting cost, then it's over for them. Also NX being rumored to be around the performance of the XBO, means that Nintendo can likely be the console to steal away any potential JP support XBO may have potentially had.

MS and Xbox are about finished in JP, which is why they need to focus on other emerging regions. The problem with that is that they have to put millions into those areas and lay all the ground work, but doing that grooms a gaming culture that they might be the marketshare leader of, but means Sony and Nintendo can gain new market users freely from the work and millions MS invested.

They're in a tight spot this gen, which is why they're pushing for PC+Xbox, and IMO it's exactly where they need to go for the future. The PS vs Xbox is a losing battle for them, it was close last-gen, but a stomp this gen and the 6th. MS needs to simply focus on what sets them apart from PS, capitalize and invest in those departments and technology, then carve a niche in the market they can dominate, and that's their PC background. Xbox needs to become Windows Machine (but keep the name Xbox).

Septic1382d ago

Lol Phil looks like he's about to drop the F-bomb in that pic.

I wonder what E3 will be like for Xbox. I expect more talk solidying the merging of PC and Xbox into one.

Can't believe that time is coming already. I have been a bit bored and off games these past few weeks. Need a tetanus shot with E3.

--bienio--1382d ago

One ecosystem Pc/XboxO great for all players :) E3 will be huge!!

MachuchalBrotha3161382d ago

Although all my predictions have been way off. I think this time MS will show off some external hardware you can plug to Xbox One and make it more powerful. And will showcase the new DX12 made games. Just a thought.

rainslacker1381d ago

I've noticed that when pictures of real people are posted they often tend to pick up that one frame that makes them look ridiculous.

1382d ago
christocolus1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Interesting interview

“We actually want your content to stay with you“,Spencer said, emphasizing the importance of Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. “I love the idea of both backward and forward compatibility when you think about future innovations that can happen in the hardware space. And frankly us decoupling, to some extent, how a game runs on a platform and the hardware itself, allows that hardware to move within a generation and the games to stay with you longer. We’re very motivated by that inside of Xbox right now.”

“That’s our goal,” said Spencer. “Your games that you buy on Xbox,
we want to make a commitment that you’ll get to continue to play
them. Look at Windows. The lifespan of a Win32 game is pretty
incredible. Xbox never had that…. I don’t think consoles should miss
out on that.”

Nice work IGN. I'm really looking forward to what MS has planned for E3 and even next gen. its going to be interesting.

SegaGamer1382d ago

JRPG's are my favourite games, the Xbox One not having them is the main reason why i prefer the PS4. There are so many on the way for the PS4.

I'm a fan of Japanese games, the Xbox One just doesn't have enough of them.

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