Could The Next Xbox Be A Windows Steam Box?

Over the past few months, Microsoft have been taking a lot of steps to try and push their PC gaming store as a direct competition to Valves Steam platform. This move has angered some gamers and is quite an unusual, but not unexpected move from Microsoft. Microsoft are in a powerful position over the competition in that they have a mainstream PC operating system to push their gaming division onto. If they go ahead with this, what will be the point of a dedicated console? Will the Xbox become a Windows Steam Box?

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madmonkey011378d ago

could be, they might finally have what they set out for with the DXbox.

ABizzel11378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

It could and it should, as long as they have an Xbox OS, and a full Window OS running in parallel or as a separate boot option.

They already have their console gamer audience who will still be able to have their traditional Xbox experience, and on top of that they can dominate the low-end PC gaming market with users who can get by, or simply can't afford to build rigs over $400 due to country inflation etc...

It also allows every Xbox to completely replace the home desktop computer for the majority of non-gaming and non production users.

Also MS I want my check

ThePope1377d ago

Based on what MS did with the X1 controller if they got into the Steam Machine business and took on the challenge of making a truly universal gaming pad so I can play Total War and control my units with precision that would be an amazing system. They could offer multiple skus while making sure games (ie exclusives) run at the minimum sku while allowing the games to scale based on which one you have.

bleedsoe9mm1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

my opinion , xb will be an app , not dependent on hardware (xb or pc) . a couple of things to look for in the coming months , redesign of the win 10 store to look more like xb1 , integration of the store into the xb1 app , and a boot option for win10 so you can control it with a controller like steams big picture .

ABizzel11376d ago


Now that I'm giving praise to MS, you come an agree with me...but when I give justified criticism / concern I "love Sony"....

I'm just messing with you, but again I don't pick favorites in this. I want all 3 to be successful.


I think there will still be Xbox hardware, just with significantly less investment into R&D. There's no need for it when they can simply make a Micro ITX gaming PC, and use pure off the market specs, and simply tweak performance from there.

The Xbox brand is still their bread and butter when it comes to consumer electronics. It's their best bet at making this PC movement a reality by getting their hardware into the home, and once they have tens of millions of PConsoles in homes then and only then can Windows Store become a challenger to Valve's steam.

*Build Windows Store quality so games aren't launching messy like Gears of War is right now.

*Build a PConsole Windows Machine for the next Xbox, and follow the beat of your own drum, and maximize your own profits.

*Have dual boot Xbox OS for traditional Xbox gamers, and Windows boot for traditional PC gamers.

*Sell and market hardware to both Xbox and low / mid range PC gamers.

That's how MS turns Xbox into a global brand, not by going head-to-head with PlayStation.

And again MS I want my check.... I need to write them a letter about this, because someone's been reading my blogs years ago.

Rookie_Monster1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Why not? I can see a more powerful xb1 announced at E3 that is a hybrid windows 10/xb1 all in one console. It will play xb1 games and can switch to a full fledged Windows 10 PC and run steam.

Genuine-User1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

We already have one of those in our midst. It's called a PC.

Rookie_Monster1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

But a PC can't play Xbox One exclusive games like Halo 5, X360 games like Red Dead Redemption and SFV on one system. ;)

4Sh0w1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Well I don't know about Microsoft introducing a more powerful X1 at E3 as Rookie suggests but more integration is a definite.

"We already have one of those in our midst. It's called a PC."

-You are exactly right but why should that stop them from introducing a more streamlined hybrid console/pc IF that's what they intend to do?

I mean they keep making better cell phones with more and more features even though what we have now already works just fine, right?

Utalkin2me1378d ago

You mean a PC with Win10 playing PC and Xbox games. Its basically whats available now.

1378d ago
Free_Fro1378d ago

That doesn't even sound right :D

Timesplitter141378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Wouldn't a "windows steambox" basically just be a pre-assembled regular PC? They'd use Windows so it's not like they're gonna have a different OS

But I like the idea of MS focusing entirely on PC gaming. It's like they finally realized all the potential it has

However, I gotta say I'm more interested in what Valve is doing for "PC gaming" in the long term. The Steam Machine is kind of a flop right now because of poor GPU driver support and limited games support, but considering Valve has been deeply involved in the development of Vulkan, and that they are making Source 2 available for free for eveyone, I'm sure it won't be too long until we start seeing Steam Machines picking up some.... steam

Pintheshadows1378d ago

Yeah, that is what I was thinking. A Steambox with Windows is just a PC.

Bobafret1378d ago

Steam Machines are also quite expensive in my view.

ninsigma1378d ago

Very possible. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. We don't know everything yet but it does seem moving forward xbox won't be a traditional console.

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