Why Uncharted 4"s Delay Won't Affect Me

Poli Games, talks about the recent announcement, that Uncharted 4 is being delayed again. Though it is only a 2 week delay, it’s fair to say that people are getting tired of waiting. With that being said Poli Games host Joseph talk about why this new delay doesn't bother him much. Also Joseph talks about how Uncharted delay differs from Mighty No. 9's multiple delays.

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Rookie_Monster1381d ago

It affects me. I planned and received two days off on the previous release date a month ago. Now, I have to reschedule it again. A bit annoying but hopefully this is the last time the release date gets push back.

Tsunade1380d ago Show
Genuine-User1380d ago

If you're into platformers, buy yourself a copy of Ratchet & Clank on the PS4.

PeaSFor1380d ago

at this point i dont care about the small delay, ND will release the game they want in the state they want and i respect them for doing that, i preordered the game a long time ago and will wait patiently until the release date(...and to be honest its kinda accommodating since it will give me more time with DarkSouls 3 and Ratchet&Clank in april.)

Genuine-User1380d ago


I agree. The game is nearly finished and it will go GOLD later this month according to Naughty Dog.

We've got plenty of stuff to play until early May.

Aloy-Boyfriend1380d ago

You requested days off that early to play a video game? Lol

FullmetalRoyale1380d ago

Well that wasn't very friendly. I've done it in the past, particularly when I had anticipated an eclectic work schedule. No need to be rude just because you get to be anonymous. 😘

rainslacker1380d ago

I take off every year for E3 and a couple times when blizzard launched an expansion for WOW. If you have the kind of job that allows for such things, why not take some time to do the things you enjoy if you can manage it?

Aloy-Boyfriend1380d ago

I've done that plenty of times, but usually a week before or two, not months before release.

Poli_Games1380d ago

I make my Schedule so that I'm off on tuesdays, so that i have a whole day with my game! :D

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Christopher1380d ago

Rookie, I'm sorry to see that you will be getting ill two weeks later than planned :P

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ShadowKnight1381d ago

It's cool. I'll be playing Zelda, Dark Souls 3, R&C, and QB! Take your time Naughty Dog.

TwoForce1381d ago

I'm okay with this really.

Ezz20131380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Two weeks are not big deal
and that will give me time for R&C and Dark Souls 3.

Poli_Games1380d ago

Oh man I'll be playing a ton of DarkSouls and Ratchet and Clank! I'm also very excited for the Ratchet and Clank Movie.... I'm a child :3

SniperControl1380d ago

No worries here, R&C will tide me over till May and my backlog is horrendous, i still have RoTTR to start as well.

Gutted, but unfortunately, QB will also have to wait till MS sort out the windows universal app restrictions.

jon_snow1381d ago

Well this delay is not ND fault but manufacturing and shipping. Demand must be really high for U4. with close to 40 million ps4 owners i expect this to be highest selling Exclusive when released.

Septic1381d ago

Delaying a game because of not enough cd's being made on time? Hmmm...

Aloy-Boyfriend1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Wouldn't that be a good cause? Where I live (Lawrence,MA) Uncharted 3 got sold out. U4 is even more anticipated. It could happen. Glad it is not by months at least.

TFJWM1380d ago

What is worse for ND, delaying the game two weeks or if you didnt pre-order the game than you can't buy it in stores. And what does ND gain by lying about it...

The 10th Rider1380d ago

Ummm, it's worse for naughty Dog to hold off on the game so it doesn't sell out. Selling out is good for a product. Look, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the game or anything, and I'm sure it will sell well, but the idea that it's delayed because they're worried it'll sell out is absolutely ludicrous. It was probably just some production delay, something during production of the game simply didn't go as planned. This late in the game, it's doubtful the release date is really in Naughty Dog's hands.

Corpser1380d ago

That's not saying much, the best selling ps4 exclusive is (not counting remasters) infamous SS? U4 just need to sell 3 million to beat it

Aloy-Boyfriend1380d ago

Infamous SS wasn't as anticipated as this one. That is lifetime sales, not first week or day one sales

The 10th Rider1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Meh, I doubt it's due to unexpectedly high sales. They'd just release it at it's original time frame and produce more as possible. If it was anything production related it would be due to production or shipping problem.

MattE1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Why delay millions of people enjoying a game because some haven't been quick enough to pre order.. If u haven't pre ordered early enough then u obviously aren't that invested in the franchise. I call BS but Sony fans just believe anything that's fed to them.

TFJWM1380d ago

What does ND gain by lying about it, people will whine about the delay regardless of what they say...

Aloy-Boyfriend1380d ago

Excuse me? So you are saying everyone that wants to play this must pre order to get it on time? That's even more stupid.

The 10th Rider1380d ago


So wait, you're saying if someone pre-orders it, but a ton of other people buy it, the people that pre-order it have to wait?

I can't say I've ever seen an example of a project getting delayed because the estimated sales eclipse their original planned production run. Every time, the company simply launches the product and it sells out. No one gains anything by delaying a release so something doesn't sell out right away.

MattE1379d ago


Well it isnt out yet so the main way for ND and Sony to work out if they can meet demand is from Pre orders right?

What's the difference between this game and any other. They are talking BS, just accept it kid

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jokerisalive1380d ago

Not a big deal cuz I will have more time with Ratchet n Clank. Two weeks is not a major delay anyway. Still say U4 will wipe the floor with GOTY awards so this petty delay is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

Gaming4Life19811380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

It's only a 2 week delay lol, that's nothing. But that can't be right that it was delayed for manufacturing reasons. I bought mine from psn so I should get mine early lol. Seriously though I can't wait to play this, definitely a huge game for ps.

I am kinda thinking of trying out ratchet and clank but I'm not sure if I will like it, bring demos back. I think ratchet and clank is the real reason uncharted was delayed, weren't they releasing on the same day.

LordMaim1380d ago

If that were the consideration, they'd have moved Ratchet and Clank rather than Uncharted 4. I think the real reason was the one they gave, and it's a logistical issue resulting from them revising their forecast upwards for a game that is shaping up to be a massive success.

Gaming4Life19811380d ago

Well I guess they could've pushed ratchet and clank up for an earlier release.

rainslacker1380d ago

I'm sure they want to release R&C at the same time as the movie.

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