Xbox One Yearly Hardware Upgrades Would Be A Mistake

Phil Spencer has recently hinted that Xbox One might get yearly(or so) hardware upgrades sort of like how mobile phones and tablets do. Although this seems exciting at first thought, it is actually the last thing we need right now.

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Kingthrash3601379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Wait, is that what they are planning?
Every year or so upgrade? Like phones?
Dear god no. May as well get a pc then...wait, ah ha! That's probably the plan...smh the whole point of consoles is its cheap and easy...this is just expensive and confusing....halo 6 is a xboxone game but the year after halo 7 is a xboxoneS game.. upgrade for best performance.
If all were to adopt a trend like that I'd drop out of gaming.
I hope they don't do this.

OC_MurphysLaw1379d ago

Gotta say I didn't see any mention of a yearly update from the interview that I read.

christocolus1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

They didn't. They said the console would see hardware upgrades.Phil never mantioned anything about it being yearly. Itechheads looking for them clicks.

jb2271377d ago

That's an obvious implication when Spencer specifically cites the phone industry, which does annual upgrades as a hard & fast rule. He didn't specifically say a year but his comparison point specifically does upgrade annually.

I think they'd be better off going the modular route, if they are talking about selling an entire new box even if it is every other year, it's overkill. If they can find a way to utilize PC style mods & hardware upgrades while keeping the ease of the console and eliminating stuff like driver updates & software issues (which should be an easy task considering all hardware would be specifically built for its own sole purpose, which should eliminate issues) then they are absolutely onto something.

Would totally support modular designs, but wholesale persistent new model updates would be a horrible decision imo.

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Overload1379d ago

Ironic that a company that preached resolution doesn't matter expects the average consumer to upgrade their Xbox.

Septic1379d ago

Does it expect average consumers to upgrade their Xboxes though? Where has MS said that?

Death1378d ago

The push seems to be forward and backward compatibility. If that is the case, Microsoft expects you to upgrade when you are comfortable. If the next Halo is available for all platforms, then you will play it on the platform you already own. The key is you will have the choice to upgrade or not and still get the same game play experience. PC has been doing this for decades.

conanlifts1378d ago

Well said. Im scratching my head as to why so Many people hate this idea. I built a pc as i thought consoles this generation were underpowered. Now i get to play older games like alan wake and mass effect in 4k, while also being able to run new games at 60fps 1080p. The ability to upgrade consoles and have these features is great. It also means no need for console remastered games and lifelong backward compatibility.

Kingoftherodeo1378d ago

more ironic that the fans that preached that resolution does matter aren't on board with this? come on more comparison videos , are you not entertained?

DragonbornZ1379d ago

Don't remember him mentioning yearly. Could be, but not sure if i'd like it. They may just have you upgrade instead of having a full priced console at the end of the generation, they may just have you upgrade the box. Or maybe something like a $1-200 component every couple of years.

Interesting. Need more details.

FallenAngel19841379d ago

I honestly don't see how Microsoft could turn Xbox One into an upgradable-like PC. The console market is completely different from the computer market and for good reason.

conanlifts1378d ago

Dual gpu/cpu/ ram combo. One of them a removable box that can be upgraded. Either that or every couple of years a new more powerful specced console. Then the games scales to console power. I.e lower model has less lighting, 1080p/30fps. Upper model 1440p ( 4k eventually), 60fps and extra lighting effects. Same as pc but the game selects settings manually. Eventually the lower model would become obsolete though and upgraded console needed. But you keep all games and can run them at higher specs.

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