New Release Date for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Shawn Layden: "As you know, Naughty Dog is wrapping up production on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End with the game on track to go gold and into production later this month. In an effort to meet the considerable worldwide demand, and to ensure that all gamers worldwide have the opportunity to play the game on day one, we have chosen to postpone the launch of the game by two weeks to allow for extra manufacturing time."

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DragonDDark1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Looks like we'll wait one more 2 weeks more from the original release date.

No worries... I waited all this time. I can wait a few week.

And by the way, Ratchet&Clank has its time now.YESSS

Abash1456d ago

Well I really wanted Uncharted 4 to be out next month, but at least this saves Ratchet & Clank PS4 from being overshadowed by it

DragonDDark1456d ago

Lol I just edited my comment to say that xD

Eonjay1456d ago

I simply don't understand Shawn explanation.
They had to delay the game... to make more copies?

blitz06231456d ago

This is fine. Gives me more time to beat Dark Souls 3 and Ratchet and Clank

ifistbrowni1456d ago

I was shaking my head at this news. It's really annoying that they delayed the game like a month ago and dated it. Now, they're delaying the game again to create more copies instead of it selling out.

Imagine how many discs you can print with 2 weeks! I'm not totally buying into this reasoning. Could it have something to do with the AC art? I've rarely heard of a modern game "selling out" especially considering you can buy it off PSN if you're absolutely desperate (infinite demand one would think).

Anyways, I was going to be one of those guys that skipped Rachet and Clank because of it's launch window (day of Dark Souls 3 and a few weeks before Uncharted).

Now that I essentially have 4 weeks between Dark Souls and Uncharted, Rachet and Clank will likely fit somewhere within that timeline. I'm no longer shaking my head and I'm just looking more toward trying out the Ratchet Remake.

badz1491456d ago

I also want UC4 like right now but I love R&C too and is hoping it will do well. This will give it the extra space to breath! I don't mind the mild delay and I'm happy for Insomniac that R&C will probably gets more marketing attention from Sony now.

gatormatt801456d ago

Towards the end of April I'm gonna have to basically go dark and avoid all Uncharted 4 articles. Heck I may just have to avoid the internet in general. This is one game that I definitely don't want spoiled about what happens and how it ends.

sonarus1456d ago

if i had to guess the real reason for the delay wasn't given.

bouzebbal1456d ago

Great news for ratchet and platformers in general.. If you guys want crash to be back, you guys better support ratchet in April.

UltraNova1456d ago

The game is done by now so the only logical reason for the two week delay is to give R&C some breathing room.

Plus I get 2 weeks more to play DS3, perfect timing for me at least.

DemonChicken1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Pretty good news for me as it's after my exams! So won't feel guilty playing this then (understand some maybe disappointed but only 2 weeks)

On the note of this not being gold - which I mentioned before that it's likely not due to the delays - http://vignette3.wikia.noco... @ those disagrees ( )

Forn1456d ago

Indeed. Uncharted 4 is going to be incredible, so what's another two weeks? Especially considering how packed April already is/was. I do think that ND released that story trailer to soften the blow of this announcement though haha, but I'm not complaining.

DarXyde1456d ago


Maybe they're trying to fulfill preorders and have some left over for walk in purchases? Entirely possible, especially with the NDC possibly creating new fans who only recently preordered.

saywat2471455d ago

they're lying they probably have some more shit to fix stop lying and playing with us like that how much more delays i was looking forward to playing this for my birthday smfh naughty dog

AndrewLB1455d ago

I have a feeling they're trying to hit a certain number of pre-orders for their release marketing and they weren't quite there yet.

nX1455d ago

^lol at some of these theories

I for one will be able to enjoy Dark Souls 3 longer than planned, delays suck but this one could've been worse.

XisThatKid1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Welp, more dedicated Division time. Oh and prolly some SFV time too

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LostDjinn1456d ago

To hell with no worries!
I was looking forward to playing this sooner, not later. Damn it!

Goldby1456d ago

if you can trust anything about ND. they take their Delays very seriously and it can completely change how the game is. the 3 weeks delay on LoU was definitly well worht it

2pacalypsenow1456d ago

I rather wait than have a glitchy game

Thatguy-3101456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Exactly that's simply bs. That thing now more than ever better be above Among thieves. If it's not then prepare for a lot of people to attack it. Not only ND but devs overall need to stop putting release date on games too early. Put a date when you KNOW you're going to meet it.

jb2271456d ago

Yeah this is getting beyond frustrating. I'm a huge UC fan but these delays are just ridiculous at this point. I can't wrap my head around this this a joke?

Love Naughty Dog more than any other dev, Love the Uncharted series more than any other franchise, but this is absurd. To hell with the entire idea of "it's ready when it's ready" about "it's announced when it's ready", not "it's gonna be delayed until oblivion"

I specifically said when the delay to April came down that that delay killed any hope I had for the game shipping at even that date, and that for all I knew this game wouldn't release until the holidays...people told me I was crazy, and yet here we are, with yet another delay. There is no chance that this game releases in May. Kinda one delay too far for me...still gonna buy the game & hopefully it lives up to its promise, but even coming from a hardcore fan, these delays are making me seriously question the state of the game in its entirety.

Hugest bummer in gaming since the last Uncharted delay, and the one before that....and the one before that. This has to be a joke.

1456d ago
Rookie_Monster1456d ago

Yea, kind of disappointed with another delay as I had it pre ordered since last Aug. The wait is painful but I am sure it will be better as a result. Hopefully this is the final release date.

_-EDMIX-_1456d ago

@Jb- vs what exactly? Releasing it with issues that they know can be fixed?

Sooooo they should just gamble likely hundreds of millions of this games development on releasing on a date they for a fact don't feel fine with?

Seriously bud. You'll live, I've yet to hear of a gamer, gaming solely do to when a game releases vs the damn game itself.

As if buggy but fast is what folks want....

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Fin_The_Human1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Thanks UbiSoft.

TwoForce1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Are you sure about that ? If you think delay cause downgraded, then you're wrong. One thing for sure is that making a final game of the series will not be easy. ND take their game more seriously than Ubisoft.

jb2271456d ago


I think he was referring to the entire art theft controversy, and he may have a point. It was easy enough to change the picture on the mantle for the trailer, but of you look at the next shot in the trailer, that is an actual location in the game. I assumed that because they added a second hole in the cliff/mountain that that would be enough to differentiate it, but I guarantee that Ubisoft pushed the, to change that mountain entirely, even though it was more beautiful than the entirety of their gaming catalog (aside from maybe Michel Ancel stuff)...

If that is the reason for the delay, then I would leak that if I was Naughty Dog. If it came out that Ubisoft threatened them w/ lawsuits over an environment that was fundamentally changed, I'd never buy another Ubi game (that wasn't made by Michel Ancel) in my life.

Channel-Live1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Only a fanb-y would blame UbiSoft for threatening to sue after ND blatantly stole their concept art. Identical except for the pirate. I would sue them too. You come across as one of those people that feel like just because you're a STAN no one should be held accountable. Let's not bring up how much Ellie looked like Ellen Page(ELLIE/ELLEN) before they changed her appearance. They are notorious for stealing images

UltraNova1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )


Do you really believe 2 weeks is time enough to chance/alter a whole level and risk breaking that area in what has to be one of the biggest AAA games ever released?

I think not my friend.

I believe this delay is to help sell more R&C copies and perhaps do some more network optimizations given the amount of data they will collect from the upcoming open beta.

Foxmann2501456d ago

Channel-Live - The artist that actually drew that art for Ubisoft is now working at Naughty Dog (if you do a little research). My guess is he used his previous art to just see what the trailer would look like and forgot to replace it before the release. I doubt they consciously made an effort to 'steal' it. And using the Ellen Page/Ellie likeliness to claim them to be notorious thieves is a ridiculous stretch.

DemonChicken1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Morally not right for ND to use the art for Ubisoft but imho I think Ubisoft overreacted and making this into a bigger deal than it should be.

I mean looking at the grand scale of things - it one picture and it like Ubisoft is thinking U4 is going to make $$$ soley on that one pic which is insignificant compared to rest of the game.

Phunkydiabetic11455d ago


I cant wrap my head around this. It is mental. So Naughty Dog steals assets from Ubisoft. Ubisoft takes actions to protect the money and effort that went into producing those assets. This delays the game, through no fault of Ubisoft's, and you are never going to buy a Ubisoft game....again.

Read that through. Do it a few times. Let the utterly ridiculous amounts of manchild self entitlement wash over you. It is pathetic.

rainslacker1455d ago


The in game asset would take probably 10 minutes to update. All they'd have to do is change the texture. Heck, they wouldn't even have to rebuild the game, since the texture is in a separate package.

If it shows up in movies, and they're using pre-rendered movies, they may have to redo those scenes with the new asset.

Some light retesting since the changes are not likely to cause any problem, and it's done. If something so incidental would take two weeks to fix, they'd just pay Ubisoft some money for the use of the work, because it'd be infinitely cheaper.

The more likely scenario is that Sony wants to get a bit more attention on R&C, could be just as was said. Two weeks isn't significant enough for any other major change, and if there were a change that would only take two weeks, they would just release it in a patch as is typical nowadays.

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Christopher1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

I said it in G+, I'll say it here, I think the decision to move it is to not crowd the month as it already is. Sony controls disc pressing, they can meet a release date on one of their biggest, if not the biggest, title of the year. It's not like CE boxes and the like aren't already manufactured and ready to be filled with discs.

So, yeah, whatever, just don't think they're being that honest with us. Regardless, game isn't being delayed another few months at least.

OB1Biker1456d ago

Good thing is it looks like everyone will get to play it at the same time (not being last in the UK as is usually the case) and I appreciate that.
On the other hand it's a shame for games like Shadow of the Beast, that is if it releases in May now.
I couldn't care less about waiting 2 more weeks really I find childish people who freak out for that.

Septic1456d ago

"I said it in G+, I'll say it here,"

The difference is, over here, more than 3 people read your comment lol. (G+ is still active?!)

Yeah its a tactical move in my opinion.

rainslacker1455d ago soon as you say you said it on G+ it completely invalidates your comment, because G+ is about as reliable as YouTube comment sections for their accuracy and intelligent comments.:)

Seriously though, Yes it was most likely to give other games some space.

Christopher1455d ago

lol @ the G+ comments. More than a few old N4Gamers are on G+/Hangouts. We talk every day. Not trying to make it look like I post to G+ in an advertisement sort of way :P

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Channel-Live1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Scared to release in the same month as Quantum Break(April 5th). I would be too considering people are going to compare the two games

UltraNova1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Lol thanks for the laugh bud... and I hate to burst your bubble but QB is a multi-platform game, hence its not competing in sales with U4 an exclusive, as in one platform only.

Try harder.

rainslacker1455d ago

It will give me more time to complete QB, because UC4 was going to end whatever game I might be playing at the time...which was likely to be QB.

I'm keeping my expectations in check for QB, new IP and all. I have pretty high expectations for UC4.

Back-to-Back1455d ago

You cant be serious. You think an established franchise like Uncharted is afraid of releasing next to a New IP?

DarXyde1455d ago

Scared? Of what, Quantum Break outselling Uncharted 4?

Do Remedy games EVER outsell Naughty Dog games? It's honestly a question I couldn't answer.

As an aside, I'd like to say that the delay is happening...which means the speculation is a bit pointless, don't you all think? We may as well assume it's the truth since we'll never know if it's a lie.

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hulk_bash19871456d ago

Was getting R&C regardless, but I'm happy to see it have a better chance at retail.

MattE1456d ago

What's this now.. 4 delays. Bad news with BS reasons. Got the feeling that this will be an average game man!

Liqu1d1456d ago Show
Dark111456d ago

What is going on at ND?

the game got delayed 4 times .. WOW.

DragonDDark1455d ago

It's not ND this time. Read again.

showtimefolks1455d ago

this is awesome news for ratchet and clank now it will get some time in spotlight.

this is why i don't think it's smart to announce release dates. just say TBD/TBA at a later date

this game is the most hyped game of 2016 and no doubt in my mind it will deliver. but this image isn't good. i mean it's been delayed quite a few times now even if by mere weeks or months

i would wait for this game even if it has to be delayed till fall. i rather get a fully polished games than those that need contact patching to fix stuff

uncharted 4 will win game of the year and at E3 sony will announce them buying back crash IP(crash HD remasters/collection) AT playstation event 2016 or game awards 2016 the last of us 2 will be revealed

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Summons751456d ago

2 weeks isn't a bad thing, takes the heat off April. Also I'd much rather take that little extra time to give us our money's worth than rushing out out and giving us less than a quarter of a game like Street Fighter 5...

-Foxtrot1456d ago

Heat off April?...It's cold where I live, I was hoping this would warm me up

Der_Kommandant1456d ago

There's nothing warmer than Dark Souls 3

-Foxtrot1456d ago

One log can't keep the fire burning ;)

Lore1456d ago

Can't wait to hear the new 2017 window release date for The Last Guardian and Horizon. This company knows nothing about deadlines and setting realistic dates. Express a lack of class by constantly using forward-looking statements to get consumers over-hyped. Every single game set to release this year has been delayed at one point or another

The_Devil_Hunter1455d ago

I wish it was cold here. I live in Southern California it's like cold for 3 weeks during the year and thats like in December and that's it every other day it is warm or hot.

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Walter_Official1456d ago

This is disappointing to say the least, but as long as the game makes it to my hands i will be happy.

ThatGuyDart1456d ago

WTF Sony? This is what the 4th time?

I'm sure Naughty Dog knows what they are doing but DON'T announce a release date unless you're SURE of that release date.

GameBoyColor1456d ago

ND knows what they are doing. That's why they asked for an extension.

Crimzon1456d ago

I wish Sony would just stop announcing games years before release anyways. They need to start focusing more on games that are due soon instead of constantly showcasing games years before they're ready, especially because when those games keep getting delayed it only causes frustration from having to wait so long in the first place.

If the release date of a game isn't 100% locked-in for certainty within a year of the announcement, just don't bother announcing it at all, wait until the game is ready. Tired of playing the waiting game.

Goldby1456d ago

how else would they sell new consoles if they dont announce games that are in pipeline. and its ND and 2 weeks. they is nothign worrying about that. when it comes to ND Delays are a good thing becuase they are polishign the game, not fixing it

jb2271456d ago

While I absolutely agree with your argument (this delay is really mindblowing to me even though I felt it coming), Sony ain't the only devs guilty of early reveals...QB was revealed at the same event that the XBO itself was revealed, so technically, it's got a longer reveal to release window than even Uncharted has had, consider UC4 was revealed at the PS4 launch event.

So either way, no need to pick on Sony for this practice, because Zelda was also announced in some capacity for years before it'll see light of day as well, so all 3 consoles have been guilty of this, and they all need to learn their lesson for announcing things ahead of time...look at all of the products w/ long lead times, GnRs Chinese Democracy, Beach Boys Smile, Gearbox's Duke Nukem Forever...only thing they have in common is that they are all underwhelming...why put your products in the company of those products? Really still hoping that this doesn't hurt ND's sales potential for UC4 because I'm really pulling for this to be their biggest game and the highest selling exclusive of this gen, but these delays will do nothing to help that.

I know a lotta people will tell me I'm overreacting, but this is the entire reason that I bought a PS4 & that I even kept up with gaming this gen, and I'm getting really tired of the waiting game.

_-EDMIX-_1456d ago

So don't market a game? LMFAO! Why? So you could feel better about not waiting? Are you serious bud?

"They need to start focusing more on games that are due soon" OH so they need to spend millions in silence, then release months before its release, only to be meet with lessor sales?

I'm sorry bud, but marketing a game for 2 to 3 years still works and I see no reason to risk such a thing on titles that have lots and lots of millions invested in them all to make you feel better about not waiting.

You are not millions. Folks are still asking about eactly what The Division is, so I would say for many, many teams.....they need to market for a while to convey what their titles are to maximize sales.

Also to fix any issues, they can't just be ironclad on some stupid date and release it come hell or high water just because.

So release a game on a date, knowing that after the announced date, it has issues that can't be fixed then? When games go gold, they often times still have some issues, so what your saying is only release a product when its 100% even though that actually doesn't make any sense in regards to marketing the game.

"causes frustration from having to wait so long in the first place"

And? You going to die because of this? Is this worth them losing millions? Is it worth you getting a game that has issues that didn't get resolved to meet a date?

Are you not going to be it based on when it releases? I'm sorry but I don't get the concept of someone crying over a date when a game releases, as if it over takes the entire idea of getting the game.

It sounds to me like getting it on that date seems to be more important to you then getting it at all.

I don't understand that concept and we have way to many buggy, rushed BROKEN games getting released due to not have you feel some sort of um "frustration".

BF4 hit its date pretty good, no delays......

SO you had no "frustration" over all the bugs?

Really, really think slowly about what your really asking of a team to do bud.

Gasian1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

@ThatGameDart I understand where are you coming from but this is a manufacturing issue. It is not something that is necessarily easy to predict, at least from my perspective.

I do agree that Sony should be more sure of their release dates. I don't disagree with you there.

jb2271456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Yup, this one is a bridge too far for me. Not sure if it's Sony or Naughty Dogs fault but thank god I didn't get a preorder because I'd be canceling it w/ the quickness...I'd still buy it on day one regardless of when it came out, but I ain't gonna reward this kind of mixed up amateur behavior...act like you guys have developed & published a game before Sony & ND, this is getting absolutely absurd, and you all are literally snuffing your sales potential out entirely...all of those Star Wars fans will show up to buy Uncharted in March & it won't be there...all of the people who were blown away by the story trailer will show up to buy it in April & still won't be there....have no doubt in my mind that all of the people who play the open beta this weekend will show up in May to buy the game & it STILL won't be there. I've kinda lost hope on this game even releasing this year, much less this spring.

OB1Biker1456d ago

Haha your kind of overreacting there XD
Think about it this way: wouldn't be it really bad if there wasn't enough copies available and people would be told to wait their turn to get their hands on it?
Now everyone gets their copies at the same time even in the UK

BarneyS1456d ago

Looking at all your comments in this thread, either you're stealth trolling the hell out of this thread or you panic way too easy.

For you I hope it's the stealth trolling otherwise your life must be really hard.

_-EDMIX-_1456d ago

That isn't how development works bud. Issues can come up even after you um "SURE" of a release. Many, many things factor, I have no clue why in this day and age why gamers still think that a development team can just predict such a thing.

During the last stretch they may be delaying due to finding ways to doing something easier to improve the game, so what your saying is after you set a date, don't change anything after the fact even if it improves the game?

LMFAO! Sure bud. Most games I've seen that have seeked to hit a exact date with no delays, also launched with lots of bugs.

So just release games broken, bugs etc all to hit a date right bro?

I respect a team that only wants their product out when its up to a certain standard.

Software is dynamic, it isn't absolute so I'm not really sure why you actually thought such a thing was even feasible.

The_Devil_Hunter1455d ago

I believe this day is simply for manufacturing time after the game goes gold.