US Soldiers play Halo 3 Alpha

Thanks to UHYVE at Ascendant Justice for scouting this one down. Inside you see images and a link to two separate videos of Halo 3 gameplay. Granted, this footage is quite poor, but it's the closest you'll get to actually seeing the game in action for now. This version is the alpha currently being tested by 10,000 Microsoft employees and includes High Ground, Valhalla, and Snowbound. Here, a few of America's finest got to preview the game while they trade real bullets in Iraq.

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THAMMER15239d ago

OMFG this game is gouing to be awesome.

Smellslikepie5239d ago

Look at the top left photo. The lighting and textures look really good to me!

markfield5239d ago

... even though we've seen virtually nothing of this game so far, I get the feeling that this game is gonna live up to my high expectations. Roll on Multiplater Beta !!!

Captain Tuttle5239d ago

That Bungie's doing a little bit to help the troops. They're a class act.

zonetrooper55238d ago

The graphics look good but that hud is really rubbish, i think they are going backwards and i hope they take a hint from Halo 2's hud and make it more clearer and more streamlined. Theres only like 11 more months until this game should ship so this should change.